Chinese touring circus

There is a chinese circus in Australia at the moment, celebrating 25 yrs aof
diplomatic relationships between CHina and Aust. It is a medley of supposedly
the best acts from over 200 Chinese circuses. One of the acts was two people (
Male and female) on unicycles and ultimates. Whilst it didn’t get nearly as much
applause as other acts (difficulty of building up tension perhaps?) it was still
flawlessly executed.

The UW stuff included:

  • 180 spin whilst going forwards to going backwards.
  • forwards pirouette
  • jump mount from one UW to another
  • jump mount from one UW to another, which as been set spinning on the tyre by
    an assistant (bloody amazing)

THe uni stuff was pretty standard, except for the stuff invo9lving two people.
One trick involved the man crouching down, and the lady rode straight towards
his back. She then ducked her head down, and rolled over his back (so that they
were back to back) landed the uni, and cycled off!

The final trick involved a double neck brace - basically two loops of material
joined together. THe two people cycled in a very small circle quite close to
each other, and facing each other, with the neck brace around their necks. He
then leaned back, and went into a pirouette, with her in the air, spinning
around him, attached only by the neck brace.

At the very start of the circus, a man walked on from the side of the stage
carrying a big beach umbrella. On top of the beach umbrella was the female
unicyclist! She stayed in the same place by pedalling backwards while he spun
the umbrella around.


I’d go on about the rest of the show, but it would take me two hours to describe
it! Nic Price