Chinese Monocycles -- good news

Hi all,

Several pepole have inquired over the years about how to get those cool Chinese monocycles
that we saw at Unicon X in Beijing. You can see a picture of and a girl riding them here:

These monocycles are now available for sale, and the Chinese asked me whether they should
bring some to Unicon. A description of the product provided by the CUA appears below.

Please let me know if I can be of help in case you are interested in purchasing a Chinese monocycle.

Unicon XII Convention Chairman
Executive Director for International Development
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.

--------------- CHINESE MONOCYCLE ------------------------------------
This product is newly-borned of the world.It has already obtained China national patent.It is praised as "the first bike
"for its peculiar concept,exquisite design,elegant shape.This product become focus of investment in
parks,squares,schools,armys,public organiztions,sport enterprises,adversting agencies and individuals with its
occupation of little space,small investment and fast speed to profit from it.

Product characteristics:
Net weight:38kg The biggest capacity:1 person/100kg
Drive motive force: manpower
The highest speed:20km/h
Size:diameter 2008mm
Main material:e$B9b6/EYe(Baluminume$B9g6be(B e$B!Je(Bhigh strength aluminum alloye$B!Ke(B

Price and way of buying:
If exported, it is $700 per bike,inside China, the member price is 4800RMB per bike.Freight charge and service charge
are additional.Buyers please contact with Unicycle Committee of China Bicycle Association, National Administration
Sport,or Shuangyu international public relation limited co.
Address:Weitu mansion room 406,C3 longtan road,chongwen district,Beijing,China
The person to contact:zhangshuxiao tongguang
If you want to be mass purchasing,please remit to the above address via banks.

Probably hugely entertaining to ride in a more or less straight line. Racing these on a velodrome (steeply banked circuit) would be spectacular.

Riding them in a cross wind, or where nimble manouvreability was required would be awful. Possibly having the whheel bisecting your vision would induce left brain/right brain dysphasia, disorientation and death. And what if someone stuck a stick in the spokes? The rider would loop the loop!

But look at the weight and quoted top speed. It lacks the day to day practicality of the Coker - or even the penny farthing!

I’d love a go on one though.

I can see it being really fun but to much money and once you can ride it,it would bore me to be honest. love to have a go tho!

Re: Chinese Monocycles – good news

Oh man.

are they easy to ride?

LOL! That would be cool to try.