Chinese monocycles for sale, finally

Hi all,

Those of you who attended Unicon X in Beijing have no doubt seen the real cool, huge Chinese monocycles. I have been getting various inquiries over the last few years about how to get these, and I have been in contact with the CUA several times, but they h
ad trouble with export license, quality approval and other bureaucraric issues.

I am now told that it is available for sale for a net price of $700. You can see a picture of me riding one in Beijing at:

You can contact the CUA by email at <> but the chances of getting a reply are less than riding your Coker down Grand Canyon :slight_smile: If you don’t get a reply contact me and I will help (I am in frequent phone communications with them).

Jack Halpern
Executive Director for International Development
International Unicycling Federation, Inc.

Great. Thank you for passing that along. I have a couple of questions for you.

First, how tall are you? From the photo, it doesn’t look like you have too much head room. I am 6’4".

Second, did you feel comfortable going long distance on it?

The next frontier: Mountain Monocycling!!!

If Mountain Uni is called MUni, what would Mountain Monocycling be?

How about MounMono or MMONO

How does that thing work?

Re: Chinese monocycles for sale, finally

No, much worse. As it happens, I was at the Grand Canyon this weekend! You could ride a Coker down the Bright Angel Trail easily AS LONG AS YOU HAVE A GOOD BRAKE! :slight_smile: That’s the trail the mules take. Of course you would be totally illegal on that or any trail inside the canyon, but successfully riding down it would be much more likely than getting an email from the guys at the CUA.

Thank you Jack for facilitating people to order these. I hope it works out.

For BillyTheMountain: Yes, height is an issue with those things. At 6’-0", the Chinese monocycle is a very tight fit for me. Headroom is okay, but scrunching my feet up to the pedals is hard. Also using my feet along the ground, which I have lots more experience at, made me sore pretty quick due to the low seating position. At 6’-4" you are likely too tall to enjoy this beast.

Jack and or John:

What’s it feel like to ride it? Do unicycling skills translate easily to monocycling skills? How dangerous is it? How fast does it go? What types of tricks are feasable? Is the seat comfortable?

I couldn’t see the drive mechanism very well from the picture. How does it work? Is it mechanically complex and therefore likely to need a lot of maintenance? Is the tire solid rubber, or air-filled? What’s the availablity of replacement tires (and other parts)? Is there a brake?

I can fill in some of this:

What’s it feel like to ride it? – Being scrunched up. I was too tall to fit it well. I did not master it, so never got more than 10’ or so unassisted. It’s heavy.

Do unicycling skills translate easily to monocycling skills? – Unicycling skills translate easily to everything. But as I said, I never got the hang of it in the limited amount of practice time I’ve had.

How dangerous is it? – I would guess a danger of damage from dropping it. It’s pretty heavy and may be subject to bends or breaks from droppage. Or maybe not, as it’s pretty well built. I do not remember if it has direct drive, coasts, or has a braking system. Without brakes, once you learn to ride it you can start being dangerous on anything downhill. It weighs a lot.

How fast does it go? – Limited by pedaling, it’s geared “for show, not for go.” Probably less than running speed, on level ground. Down a hill, everything changes. If it has no braking system, anything downhill should be avoided!

What types of tricks are feasable? – Turning, stopping, not falling over. Depending on braking system, it should be possible to to loops.

Is the seat comfortable? – I don’t think the seat is an issue. I never noticed any discomfort in that area, but my legs got tired real fast. I wouldn’t worry about the seat.

How does it work? Is it mechanically complex and therefore likely to need a lot of maintenance? – I believe there is a short chain taking the pedal action up to a drive wheel that rolls the center section on the outer wheel. There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of natural friction, so wear and tear will take their toll. It is not mechanically complex, but I don’t know what kind of maintenance would be required to keep it in top order. For average use, probably very little.

Is the tire solid rubber, or air-filled? – I believe it’s air filled, but don’t remember for sure. Availability of parts will be same or less than availability of the vehicle itself. Also I don’t know how much life you get out of the tire, though this will depend on your usage patterns. The best use for a vehicle like this is probably parades or other exhibitions. In a parade you will be riding on pavement, with lots of turns. This should shorten your tire life.

If someone with more experience can fill in some more info, that would be great.

I like that!

I’m not 100% on this, but I think I remember seeing it coast. If anyone has universe 2 and some time, watch the ad. The kid there rides one.

Here’s a page with some more pics of this thing…

The chain drive is more clearly visible there. That page is kind of old but it’s the same machine as far as I know. brought one to Nationals here in the Twin Cities last year. A lot of people tried riding it, but the only one I actually saw able to do it was one of the Puerto Rican basketballers who rode around the gym on, or in, it. I tried riding it a couple of times. I would get it going, and lean as hard as I could to one side or the other, and be completely unable to control its direction of travel at all. They obviously are rideable, so there’s a trick to it I guess. It’s a total beast though, not at all like a unicycle as far as I could tell. Oddly, I can’t remember now whether it could coast or not, or what kind of brake, if any, it had. I think I remember the tire being airfilled.

chinese monocycle

hi there
I need 1 of these monocycle bikes
please can you help me locate 1 ,and also let me know how to
get 1 imported to the u.k

I rather have the motorized version made by Kerry McLean.

I’d be interested in making a race version of that, would it be going faster than a unicycle? Bigger wheel, gearing…

it would be cool if you could lock the seat in place and then spin yourself around the wheel haha

Huge pneumatic tyre!?

If the wheel actually has a pneumatic tyre then somebody really should try making a high speed unicycle out of it. I doubt at that height that it’d be very easy / possible to get on, but it would be pretty cool to try to break the hour distance record on one!

Obviously the resulting unicycle would need some sort of chain driver / jackshaft arrangement in order for the pedals to be reachable :slight_smile:

It’s called gerbilling, you just put the brakes on hard.

As I see, this Chinese Wheel is geared.

But why did they call it monocycle ? Its the french name of unicycle and a lot more languages use mono instead of uni for the unicycle. Mono is a Greec word and means one and Uni should come from Una which is Latin and means one.

So this China Vehicle is at least a Unicycle i think.

You have a point. I’m not sure what it’s name would be in Spanish, Monociclo is the proper name for unicycles, but fortunately for the puertorricans, we basically have our own language mixed up, mispronounced English, correctly pronounced English, mistranslated English, and Spanish, so therefore, Uniciclo is incorrect and also came from the fact that people thought monociclo referred to monkeys riding the unicycle(mono=monkey, uni-) so it’s going to be rather confusing. :thinking: But I would like to try one! :stuck_out_tongue: