China Camp MUni, 8/27/06

A group of us went over to Marin Country to ride at China Camp State Park. China Camp is a pretty park, mostly oaks and manzanita, and the riding is mostly fast, lightly technical singletrack with some tricky bits thrown in. One of our riders, Neptune, was riding on a 29er with 110mm cranks and doing just fine, although that’s partly because he’s a very good rider. The rest of us were all on more traditional MUnis, except for Susan who was riding along on bicycle.

We had one cliffside retrieval of Nick’s unicycle, after he carelessly set it down too close to the edge of the trail. We also had a cliffside retrieval of Susan, after she and that dangerous two-wheeled contraption got into the soft stuff on the side at one point. (She was not seriously hurt). Sam’s square-taper crank got loose after a few three-footers off a stump, and by the end of the ride it looked like it was pretty much toast. Other than that, it was mostly just a fun, mellow workout ride.

Total distance was about 11 miles. I was a bit tired at the end, but I could have done more, so I’m feeling OK about Downieville coming up.

Photos, and a couple short movie clips, are available in my gallery.