Chiltern Mo Ride in November

Chiltern Victoria, the former Moab in Australia due to the Chiltern Muniuni weekends :slight_smile: held by me, is having a Movember ride for bikes (2 wheels in case you forgot) but they want as many unicyclist as as possible to join in.
There is a choice of sealed road rides or forest rides. Nothing extreme but enjoyable country side with some hills.
Hope to see some of you here.
Their site is
Photo will not load but I will try later

Some more info can be found here:

Impressive distace riders wanted

Rob O’Brien, Jamie etc, you are more than welcome. Chiltern is a great cycling place.

Will everyone be on big unis? I only have a 24", and I don’t fancy trying to keep up with 36ers.

A 24 would be fine

A 24 would be fine for the forest rides; I will be using a 29 but riding slowly.
I don’t know who else will be there.