chilly weather gloves and pants?

I use wrist guards when I ride (and LOVE’em!) my question is, now the the colder weather is coming, what do you people use for gloves? I’m looking at in between cycing gloves (unless they make cold weather cycling gloves?) and winter gloves.

They should fit under wrist guards, but I would take temperature protection over crash protection.

Now how about for pants? Last years riding pants were before the discovery of the magic chamois-shorts. Do they make pants like that too?

They do make winter cycling gloves that run the range from lighter weight for not so cold to heavy weight for really cold. Take a browse at the online cycling shops like <> or <> or take a visit to your local bike shop. Winter cycling clothing can be quite spendy so shop around.

They also make long tights with a chamois pad, but I prefer to use use non-padded tights and just wear them over my nice padded cycling shorts. Good padded tights are spendy and the unpadded ones are less spendy.

When dressing for cold weather rides think layers. I go with a Capilene (or similar) layer under a long sleeve jersey <>. If it’s really cold I’ll add more layers. On top I’ll wear a light but breathable jacket to keep out the wind. Keep it breathable or you’ll end up with puddles of wet clothes.

Where I’m at in Washington state, I don’t have to deal with extreme cold - just chilly cold. I don’t need to bundle up too much to be able to keep warm and comfortable on a ride.

Look at motorcycling, actually, offroad riding clothes and check out “skins”. They are like shorts with the padding, only they go to your ankles. The ones I found aren’t too expensive, in fact, less expensive than a lot of shorts at bike shops. It’s worth a look.

Here’s a link. I’m not promoting this site since I’ve never ordered from them. I just wanted to show the product and cost.

MSR Skins

Wow, those would be perfect! You figure most motorbike shops would stock those?

Most larger shops will, especially this time of year. I wear them under my off-road pants on the motorcycle and will wear them now on the muni or uni. You could always mail order. They are spandex type material and should be easy to fit.

…and oh so unattractive on me. But thanks actually, because I, too, am planning on some cold weather riding and these are not too expensive. I went into my local bike shop and they had long bike pants for $100! I can get my kid a starter unicycle for less than that.

Raphael Lasar
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Re: chilly weather gloves and pants?

Sofa wrote:
> I use wrist guards when I ride (and LOVE’em!) my question is, now the
> the colder weather is coming, what do you people use for gloves?

I wear silk inner gloves for cycling once the weather gets cold. This will
be the first winter that I’ve used wrist guards, but I’ll soon start wearing
silk inner gloves underneath them.

When it gets a bit colder, I’m not sure what I’ll do. I’ll try what gloves
I’ve got around the house to see if anything will fit over the Harbingers,
otherwise I’ll go out and buy something bigger.

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Re: Re: chilly weather gloves and pants?

Originally posted by Danny Colyer
[B]Sofa wrote:
> I use wrist guards when I ride (and LOVE’em!) my question is, now the
> the colder weather is coming, what do you people use for gloves?

I wear Harbinger wrist guards and in the winter I wear thin deerskin workgloves under them. It gives me all the warmth I need in our climate, and I still have excellent grip and dexterity on the handle. If you are in a cold climate you may need more warmth, but I would recommend trying it. To work with the half-finger Harbingers they have to be the really thin good quality gloves that sell for 10-15 dollars at hardware-type stores. If you wear rollerblade style wrist guards without fingers, you can wear thicker gloves under them.
And by the way, the Harbingers are excellent protection and hold up extremely well, from my experience.
And a note to anyone who is new to muni and anticipating the cold: You won’t need nearly as much additional clothing as you think. It’s still a sweaty sport.

Scott Wallis

I use a cheap pair of winter gloves under my wristguards in the winter. If it’s really cold I put cycling gloves on over top of everything.
For pants I wear either Roach downhill pants or a pair of long tights underneath nylon pants. The leg armour keeps me warm. Try MEC ( for clothing ideas.

For hands I expect to use the half-finger Harbingers (as usual). If it gets really cold I can put a nylon mitt-shell over the top of them and that will do it, I’m sure. No problem with fit at all. Some shells have a no-grip palm and thumb; some are made of Gore-Tex. I’ve been snowshoeing at 20 below (Fahrenheit) and was fine with thin gloves and the shell. Last winter, mild that it was, I never wore the shell because they were too hot. This approach is extremely versatile, light, and quick.

Check out or or or the very inexpensive . Just get a size that is big enough.

Of course, if you are spending extended time not riding in very cold weather, then this is inadequate. The above assumes that one is riding, thus putting out running-like heat. If you get a large enough size, then you have the option of also wearing a fleece overmitt under the shell and over the wrist guards.


These wristguards are made to go under gloves.

ive also heard of snowboarding gloves with wristguards in them but cant find any

Re: chilly weather gloves and pants?

The IceBike website always has good winter riding advice.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA