Chilly Hilly 2013

Is anyone from the Seattle area planning on riding the Chilly Hilly this year? It’s on the 24th. I won’t know if I can take time off work until Sunday. If I can get time off I’ll register.
Unishark, are you up to breaking in that new 36er? I know it’s a little late announcing it. It’s been busy for me lately.

I’ve done that course on a regular bike and it’s got some serious hills! Can you guys actually ride them all on your unicycles? I’m in awe! :astonished:

I can ride most of them. When my knees start giving out I’ll ride until I stall out. Then walk the rest of the way up. There were a few steep downhill portions I walked. I heel slow. No need to rack myself. I hope I can take the time off work this year. Last year I rode with Straightarrow.

Very cool! Looking forward to your report if you ride. Thanks!

I won’t be riding in the Chilly Hilly this year. Can’t take the time off from work. We’re short staffed that weekend. I enjoy riding this ride. Maybe next year.

Ack, bummer, I was traveling and totally missed this thread. :frowning: I had intended to do it this year, but for some reason was thinking March, not February. So I looked up the date a few minutes ago and realized it happened yesterday. Only a subsequent thread search found this short discussion. Oh, well.

Now I realize it’s always the last Sunday in February, so it’s on my calendar for next year with a one-month reminder.

As for the new uni, I’m loving it, but haven’t ridden for about six weeks due to my latest ice-inspired injury. :roll_eyes: I’m healed, but fighting a cold. . . should start back into riding this week (no more ice aroud here :wink: ).

I rode it this year, a pic from 2012 and the rest from 2013.

I saw the “Banana Bike” again, strange machine. Took some pics, interesting. The Banana Bike with the top in place, has the rider still seated with just his glasses visible. The 70 year old guy has power assist on his machine.

I got a new icon for the masthead and new pedals. Started later than I planned but still rode in with a big group.

Very unicycle friendly and the ride across Puget Sound is worth seeing especially if that is something new for you.












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They’re called ‘velomobiles’ - they’re basically just a recumbent with a shell on.

I use a Mango velomobile (little brother of the Quest velomobile in the photo’s). The kids at the local school always run to the playground wall and shout ‘banana bike’ when I cycle past. :smiley:

It looked like a nice ride. Too bad it didn’t work out for me this year. Kevin, I like the new masthead. I’m keeping St. Christopher on mine. Almost got hit in Seattle coming back from the bike expo.

Thanks Jacob. The Velomobiles are interesting. It is just more fun to call them “banana bikes”, plus it helps the bad puns work.

jojoxie: If you are in a yellow Velomobile would you wear regular bike shorts or a banana hammock?

Are the yellow Velomobiles made one at a time or do they come in “bunches”?

If you pedal really hard, will the yellow Velomobile “peel out”?

Shannon: It was a good ride and I keep running into people that see you on the commute. A couple people saw you at performance bike in Tacoma on this last ride. Keep St. Christopher watching out for you, put in a good word for me too.

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It’s that time of year again. The chilly hilly is this Sunday. I’ll be riding with my brother this year. Don’t know how long he will last. He’s riding a fat tire bike. He hasn’t ridden a lot.
I’ve been busy haven’t had much time for playing around on the forums lately. Any other uni riders going? This year looks relatively dry.

ChillyHilly 2014

I was the only unicyclist this year. I only got two pictures. I’m not into the selfies. I’m sure I made a few Facebook pages though. The weather was the usual moderatly miserable rain. The temprature was mid to upper 30’s Fahrenheit. The steady rain began around 12:30. I started a little after 09:00 and finished at 14:30. My brake totally failed about 10 miles into the ride. I ususally don’t use a brake that often but repeated hills are not good on broken knees. I ended up surpassing my threshold for my knees. My left knee shutdown several times during the ride. The last 10 miles were very slow. My moving time was 4 hours. Didn’t see the banana bikes this year.


Thanks for representing us this year. Sorry about your knees getting trashed. As my lame excuse for not accompanying you, I was busy being a grandfather this time.

Nice job, Shanon! I’m starting to have trouble with my knees so I understand that part. Great to see you out in the rain.

Greg, family time is never lame. You can’t but back time. My father abandon us when I was 8 years old. My mom had to raise three boys by herself. She had to work 2 jobs to survive. So growing up we were alone most of the time.

It sucks having arthritis. I deal with it everyday. Bryce did have my broken brake part. It should be here tomorrow. I want to do more distance riding but I usually don’t have the time. I spend as much time with family as I can. My kids are getting old enough to ride along for a few miles. My youngest can ride a 16 inch wheel bike at 10 mph. Our last ride he went 5 miles. He is still too short for the 16 inch wheel unicycle I got for them. My oldest has no interest in cycling.