Chilly Hilly 2011

Any Seattle area riders plan on doing the Chilly Hilly this year? I plan on riding my 36er. This will be my first mass gaggle ride.

This poster is accusing me of perpetuating the Crime Against Humanity known as Apartheid and the forum moderators are taking no action.

What is your view?

Send word.


This poster is accusing me of perpetuating the Crime Against Humanity known as Apartheid and the forum moderators are taking no action.

What is your view?

Send word.


I am planning on it

As the event gets closer I could let you know for sure. Definitely a plan right now, but work is a consideration always. I rode with Joe Meyers(and Lana) last year and that was very good. 6000 bicycles. 4 unicyclists.

I stayed near Winslow at the Yurts with the bicyclists, which was interesting but not conducive to sleeping.

Ride the event regardless what anyone else does and stay right, the bicyclist will pass on the downhills at great speed

Long route?

Short or long route? I think the nicest portion of the ride is on the section that makes up the long route. If you shorten the route, I suggest you shorten up part of the middle miles. Do the “Baker Hill” even if you need to walk it.

I may decide to ride the Chilly Hilly this year, I’m not sure yet. The logistics of getting there and back are a pain for me.

Most of the Seattle group wait for the last minute weather report before deciding. Tom always seems to be out of town these days.
Watch for Jack on the route.

33 Miles, Lots Of Hills

I bought bib#5001, so there must have been a solid turnout for Cascade? Did’nt seem like 5000+ riders, but it still seemed long and hard, that part has not changed. 4 hours plus change to finish. I got wrote up twice by ride referees for talking with bicyclists that would ride alongside and chat away. Hope that all resolves itself. Definitely “misery loves company” vibe going all day : )

I rode 20 miles of the ChillyHilly and 5 miles to the bus stop from my house. I started at the ferry terminal and followed the route along with all of the bicycles. I started as soon as the ferry landed. I rode to Battle Point Park without any rest periods. I made all of the hills up to Bergman Rd Ne without walking up. As soon as I made the left onto Bergman Rd my left knee started to give out. It was a steep off camber turn with a strong side wind. After that I walked up most of the hills. I made Battle Point Park in 1 hour 48 minutes. I didn’t see any other unicyclists. Straightarrow must have been ahead of me. I arrived on the 0755 ferry from Seattle. I took the short cut at the cider stop. My saddle time was 2 hours 19 minutes. Total was 3 hours 50 minutes. I had a long rest at the cider stop. My average speed was 9.3 mph. I have to wait for the Marathon Photo to post pictures. I was traveling alone( as usual).

Chilly Hilly

Straightarrow, the only reason you got wrote up is because you stood out a head above the rest. The ride refs were just JEALOUS of you because you could ride :roll_eyes: and carry and a conversation at the same time:D.
Sorry We weren’t There this year. The Flu Bug:( bit me bad.

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Nice job, Straightarrow and unipilot!
I think I may have to get myself out there to join you on that one next year, sounds fun. I read the weather was pretty bad; how did it compare to the ride we took in December?

I would have liked the company unipilot, we will have to communicate better next time. No shortage of rides coming up.

Joe and Lana are as good a people as you can find anywhere, missed them.

Come out anytime uniShark, no shortage of things to keep the family occupied while you ride. The big hills on the “Chilly Hilly” aren’t much taller than your truck anyway.

The weather was breezy with cold rain. Saturday the low temprature was 15 deg F. The temprature was mid 30’s when the ferry landed at 8:30. I think the December ride felt warmer since the humidity was lower.
I was thinking of riding in the Daffodil bike ride. I haven’t decided wich one yet. If you know of anything sooner let me know.