Chill out on the rocks (Croatia video II)

I finish a second video from the 2010 uni trip to Croatia. It’s a Muni video with Darja. Watch it, pick your Muni and go out for a relaxed ride :slight_smile:

watch it: chill out on the rocks
get it: chill out on the rocks.mp4

I really want to look at this video but for whatever reason in the player mode it would not load beyond the opening screen shot and then I downloaded the file below and It took about 2 hours to download but I didn’t have the right codec or some such technical jargon.Maybe the Australian cable has been unplugged.Any chance of youtube.


Sorry for that, I actually start the upload to vimeo and post the link later. I hope that will work better for you then.

As i wrote, here is the link to Vimeo for Australia :wink:

Thanks Olarf I owe you a beer,the video is just as you described, and it looked like a great place to ride.


man i luv that song! probably top 3 favourite cat empire songs. awsome scenery too!

Cool, I like the laid back feeling to it.

Nice to see a video like this. I liked the music, too :stuck_out_tongue: