Children's beginner 16" unicycle

My kids (girl 7, boy 6) love to watch me ride my unicycles. Now they want one! Before I drop $100 on a new Torker Unistar CX 16" does anyone want to sell me a used one? Any brand will do. Just needs to last until they get old enough for a real 20" model.

PM sent.

kids love the new 16" unicycle

Thank you for the PM and the advice to purchase from Bike Island. $40 shipped was a good deal and this little 16" unicycle is for real. Putting it together did not feel like working with a toy. My kids (6 and 7 years old) love to ride up and down the back of the couch. Now I need to figure a way to rig dual handrails for them to practice in the street fully padded of course.

Glad it was what you were looking for. I also ordered one from them even though my 4-year old isn’t yet big enough to ride it. The next best price I’ve seen for a unicycle of similar quality is about 50% more.