Chicksands Northshore short

In April we went to chicksands bike park and had a great time messing around on the northshore stuff there.

We were having too much fun to film a lot but here is a mini 1.5 minutes short video.

Youtube (watch in high quality if you can)

Cool… it looks pretty fun. Cool camera shots too where it followed the unicycle, that looked good.

enjoyed this
Good filming and nice park
nice work

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just as I was really getting into it, it ended:(

kool video.:smiley:

Yeah that’s the problem, I think you either go to film or go to ride.

Doing both for me means not enough footage especially when there is a big group of people because it’s a social as well.

But there was just enough for a little teaser…

Ace video Neil! Loved the style of filming, its made me want to put a bit more thought into how we film our vids now.


where the hell has the banking gone?

That was knocked down ages ago. Now there is a fairly high, really skinny section where the two little see-saws used to be. Not as good in my opinion but far more difficult to ride.


I really liked your video. To bad it was so short.:frowning:

Yeah sorry about the shortness. Too much fun riding.

I could always go back for a day and set about making a much longer vid?, all I need is Edd, Leo and Joe who make any video look good :wink:

You guys could have one person always filming and take turns. That would give heaps of footage and give each of you breaks for when you got a bit tired.

Thats what my friends did when they used to ride.

Nice video. Some of the filming and editing was pretty fantastic.

That jump off the skinny was very impressive.


Cheers Guys, I would like someday to do a much larger video.

I have also uploaded a higher res version here

It’s about 20 meg.