Chicken flat

i saw this awesome vid by gregö wettstein in the french forum

the music is butterfly by crazy town
the really flat starts at 1:00

thre are sick combos in it

amazing :open_mouth:

Oh I remember this kid from EUC!!! He had the sickest qualifying run, his 1st combo lasted for like 50 seconds out of the one minute time limit.

amazing combos. Love this video

Sick rider, sick combos, shit vid aaahaha


You make fakie varial rolls look so easy!

I’ve been trying them for weeks and i’m still not even close! Awesome riding. Keep it up.

oh. and I think it´s nearly impossible to sidecoast 1.5 rev :open_mouth:

after i saw the vid i started trying it and after 5 mins i was really close
i don´t think that this is that hard

his name is Gergö - not Gregö, or Greg
(i’ll make a vid with him soon btw)

I love this vid :stuck_out_tongue: Really cool idea at 0:50 anyone else tried it?