chicken challenge

Jimmy Brokaw writes:

> If anybody on a bike ever challanges you to ‘chicken,’ accept. There is no
> way a bicycle will out-manuveur a unicycle, especially if the bike’s piloted
> by a kid stupid enough to think he can turn tighter than a unicycle, because
> he’s got handlebars to steer with.

This reminds me of a cute cartoon by Gary Larsen, author of The Far Side.

Two hunters on safari in the grasslands of Africa are being charged by an
infuriated rhino. “Just before he hits us, jump out of his way”. At the crucial
moment, they both jump to center and smack together directly in the path of the
charging beast.

True, unicyclists may be able to turn sharper, but you never know which
direction the other guy is going to turn unless this is specifically agreed upon
in advance. Even then, maybe not.

So don’t take chances. Resolve to leap over the other guy’s handlebars and land
a body block. That’s right, the guy out and then steal his front wheel so he
can’t chase you.

Dennis Kathens