I think we are canceling it. Xccrev said we should since everyone thats going if you don’t go will be from our neighborhood plus we’re all riding in a parade on monday.

Aight,tell me how it turned out, what happened and what not. I decided I wouldn’t go anyways…This summer FOR SURE though.

Hello everone, I’m still hoping to get a group ride in this summer. I was wondering if you guys (Anyterrain and Groundzero) could plan it near your house. Xccrev and I can both drive there and we could meet your parents so they aren’t worried that we’re some weirdos then we could hang out and practice stuff.

I’m starting a lifeguarding job maybe next week or at the beginning of august which means I’ll probably be busy everyday except Sunday. It would be cool if we could get together before my job and school starts and everyone starts getting real busy.

Awesome! Ya you guys could totally come over. Maybe you guys could come around this week even? The only problem I see is that our town isn’t the greatest…We have some alright stuff though I guess. If this week is good for you guys (I don’t think I can do anything next weekend) then lets already get a ride together.

Also, if you guys have/can download AIM, we could set up a chat room there which would work better than chatting over the forum.

We don’t have much places in out town, but one town over (about 1.5 miles) in Arlington Heights there is a lot more. Only problem with that is depending on when you got your license, if you can only drive one other person (unless you drive up seprate or we meet you down there)

Well, I will see if my parents are okay if you guys come here to ride. Both mine work so unless it is a weekend (sunday because of your job) or you come around noon for their lunch break we would need to think of something else than ‘meeting them’.

Hmmm I do have to work this week everyday til 4 and next week im on vacation but I might be able to do something if we did it wednesday. I could get off work that day im pretty sure

EDIT: Alternatively you could come to my house we just built this trials course

look where surfer posted

but you mignt not be able to get a ride or whatever.
just suggestions

Anything going on Labor Day weekend? I might be able to ride, as well as Any_Terrain. If you guys came by us we could ride around by us as well as our local skate park, or the town next to us which is pretty sweet. We could also try and maybe find our way to you guys possibly.

So ya, any chances of a uni ride finally happening? :stuck_out_tongue:

Labor day weekend

Well Im not really doing anything I think. I don’t know about surfer. I would think he has off work.

Cool, if he’s able to, ask him and we can see if this will finally happen.

Yeah for sure

We should be able to work something out.

this is my labor day weekend schedule:( :
saturday I work 9am-9pm
sunday I have off
labor day (monday) I work 10am-4pm.

So a Saturday ride isn’t possible, Sunday ride in the afternoon would work best,
Or I could do something in the evening on labor day. Can you guys do something Sunday? Joel and I both have vehicles so we can drive up by you guys.

If labor day is best for you guys I’m gonna see if I can cancel work on monday. Its definately a possibility.

Saturday is not going to happen.
I am fine with sunday or monday. (I perfer sunday actually)

So sunday? Somewhere by you guys? or by us? The skate park sounds fun.

my unicycle isnt in good shape (rim is pretty bad) and I just popped a tube. but I’m ordering a kh longneck once I get my next paycheck.

Sunday sounds good. PM me or AnyTerrain for where we should meet, I can’t make it you guys unfortunately, but next time I’ll try. So just send the message to one of us and me and Any_Terrain will talk it over today.

The skate park I talked about is a small packed concrete one, there’s a bowl, tons of sloped box rails, flat rails, a flat box rail, and this curving…thing. We’re going to the neighboring town right now to uni right now actually, so PM me or Any_Terrain if Sunday’s gonna work for you guys and I/he will get back to it later.

Oh ya, there’s a good chance we’ll see a third unicyclist with us as well, he’s just learning though.

So is this on? you need to know where to meat us, when… ect.

Hey guys,
I’m really psyched for tomorrow! Joel is coming which is cool. I’m gonna be using my old qu-ax wheelset ( i just cant trust my kh wheel right now) with LOOOONng cranks so I hope it doesn’t effect my street riding too much. If the 7 set Ground zero was talking about is where we’re riding we’re gonna have make joel jump it too (his record is 5). I might flip it depending if I can get enough speed and flip with my 145s.

Join the chicago unicyclists group on the forums

Every one who is interested in riding in chicago should join the group i just created on the forums called chicago unicyclists. Thanks to gilby for all these sweet facebook like features:) Right now Im moderating it but if you join and your from chicago I will confirm you. Depending on how well the group function works for communicating we can just use it instead of this thread. Ive already invited everyone who has posted on this thread.


Im from Lagrange…Anyone from around there?

When I’m not at college, I live in Beverly on the south side of Chicago