Ok, Im from chicago and i know there are tons of other unicyclists in chi town but I CANT FIND ANY of them!!

So if your from chicago, or know a unicyclist from chicago, please post your contact information in this thread. Please dont PM me

check out

I live about 20-35 minutes away from chicago. I havent rode with any other unicyclists. I am in the roster (link was posted above). My name is Jeff L. Look in the roster

I live about 45 minutes away from Chicago, and work downtown full time.

Since we’re on the subject of Chicago… sorry about the threadjack… there is a fancy new McDonald’s in the city and there is a statue of Ronal McDonald on a unicycling in front of the restaurant. I’m working on bringing my uni downtown to get a picture with him.

Re: Chicago!

I live in St. Charles and mostly ride the fox river trail/prairie path
or around fermilab and i get into Chicago 3/10 weekends, whinging until
my girlfriend agrees to follow me up and down Logan Blvd between the
square and the expwy while i ride. I look forward to riding around the
loop during a weekend later this year.


Re: Re: Chicago!

St. charles is about a 10 minute drive from where i live (I live in batavia, see the roster). I havent done any distance except 4 miles that i did on my 20". I ride more trials, street and freestyle.