Chicago street spots

On Tuesday, I’m taking a train from Minneapolis to Indian, to see some relatives. If the train is on time, I’ll have about a three hours to kill in Chicago. Does anyone know of some good street spots near the Amtrak train station in Chicago?

thanks for the help

i thot chicago was in illinois not indiana

Yeah, Chicago is in Illinois. I’ll be traveling through Illinois to get to Indiana. In Chicago, I’ll get off one train, then get on my connecting train to take me to South Bend, IN. I’m already bringing my uni for some street riding and filming in Indiana, so I mine as well shred in Chicago too

Im pretty sure its Lincoln Park which has a skate park. Ide say you should just go down to Millenium Park which shouldnt be too long of a walk from the train.

Chicago is so full of stuff, I’m sure you could go just about anywhere and find some fun.

You could probably pick one hell of a trials line just jumpin’ on homeless people!

There’s a lot of stuff to ride in Chicago, man. There was some neat lookin’ stuff in Millenium Park when I was there last but they’ve got lots of Security Gaurds there… I got yelled for standing on a bench…

Oh yeah, and train’s the way to go. right on!

Is Millenium Park the one right next to the Lake? I looked on google earth and it seemed pretty sweet. As of right now, my train is 2 hours late, which means two hours less of shreding in Chicago :frowning:

I’m in Chicago and you can’t ride through Millenium Park… some stupid security guard yelled at me from his Segway before. I would suggest just getting onto Michigan Ave. and unicycling down that on the sidewalk, most people usually move out of my way when I do that or I find my gaps :wink:

Maybe next time we’ll meet up or something, I usually go along the length of Lakeshore.