Chicago anyone?

I’m getting bored of riding by myself. Anyone from Chicago?


You may want to post what type of riding you do.

I just started riding on a torker lx. I’m not very skilled but I’m up for trying anything… What burb do you live in?

i was in chicago yesterday, ill pm you next time im there, i live 2 hours away

I’m in the Hoffman/Schaumburg area. I spend alot of time MUni-ing in Palos.

i live in the western suburbs of chicago. i know of a few people that live in chicago too.

Unicycle Roster for Illinois

A bit of thread necromancy here, but I just found this community. I’m living in Chicago, about 3 blocks from Wrigley, and would love to ride sometime.

When I say ride, though, I really mean practice. I’ve been stuck on learning how to idle for awhile now (thanks to the Chicago Winter I’m a bit rusty) and really need to learn that to do any serious city riding due to all the starting and stopping. So, if anyone has a bit to stop by and give me a few pointers, I’d buy your dinner. So far I’m absolutely 100% self-taught and I’d love an outsider opinion and a few tips.