Chester Bikeathon 25th June

Myself, my siblings and Norry took part in the Macclesfield Bikeathon a couple of weeks ago and had much fun. We’ve been asked by Bob Ellis, the organiser, if we’d come to the Chester Bikeathon and help with promotion by doing some unicycle marshalling. If anyone else wasnts to do it let me know. It’s only a 15 mile course and flat at that so it’s not that difficult. I think our presence as uni marshalls should attract a few more two wheeled types and hence get a bit more moolah for the hospice.

Bob’s just been on the phone asking if I knew anyone who lived in or near Chester who he can use for a bit of publicity…Photo for the local rag on a unicycle or sumfink.

I was thinking maybe Cath or another of the riders from your way might want to do it. If so give me a shout or e-mail Bob via the website.

well i’m only 30min ish away from chester, i suppose i could go :stuck_out_tongue:

oh what does the marshalling involve?

Probably just riding around with a toolkit and pointing people in the right direction. I think he’s more interested in it from a publicity point of view. It’s quite a good Unique Selling Point having high vis clad unicyclists there on the day.

well i don’t see a prob doing that :smiley:

You know I’m hoping to be there Kit :smiley:
Here’s a few pictures from the Macclesfield Bikeathon. Raining all day so camera only came out at the end.

I’m interested, I work in Chester at the moment on Wednesday, Thursday and every other Friday.

We could have a chat on Sunday.


Nice one Cathy! Could I pass your e-mail address on to Bob? If so PM us with it.


fantasticola …

pass mine along, i can easily get down there.

Nice one Mr Zip.

Any one else up for a bit of high-vis wearing unicycling?

well i have my coker on monday :smiley:

I phoned bob this morning and they doing pictures for publicity on Friday 11am at Chester uni. Anyone with a uni wanna come have some pics taken for the charity?

Cathy if ya not working, can ya make it?

Looks like also i can make it to be a cycling Marshall on the day, luckily for me my uni’in in Venice and Croatia wont interfere.

I am working. But … I’ll have a think about it.


OK people, last call for the Bikeathon train. Anyone else wishing to pop along and do some one wheeled marshalling give us a shout…The date is fast approaching. It would be cool to have another person or two as now neither my sister or brother can make it.

well i’mgoing like i said i would, but remember NETWORK RAIL the ppl who run the rail signalling and stuff are on strike on the 25th.

If you coming by train you gonna be in trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s possible Kit that I can’t make it now :frowning: but will know for sure later. Is Pete still able to do it ?


Well, in which case I might see if I can get to Wrexham the night before and stay with my sister and then ride to Chester in the morning. I’ll sort something out anyway.

Where there’s a will etc.

Kit, i should be able to make it but are still worried about my knee (gave up on me a few weeks ago) I’m going to get out on Saturday for a 7 mile ride to see how it feels.

What time do we need to be there? The site says 10.30 but i guess earlier if we are still marshalling?

I’m aiming to get there for 9.30-ish to be out on the course for 10.

sorry to let you down Kit, but I won’t be able to go tomorrow :frowning: feeling cr*p today and it’s unlikely my knees going to hold up. (i’ve msn you as well)