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But I have not seen any info on this below.

I found a video of a 2 riders Dustin and Alexander from the Netherlands both using chest high 36er handles.
The best (but poor) detail that I have is this screen capture:

or you can see the whole video (not in English) at:

or an article in English with some translation of the video (but no comments about the handle)(Scroll towards bottom) at:

My questions: Is this an advantage :thinking: ?
Wouldn’t this make UPDs too dangerous :astonished: ?
Did I give away the Netherlands RTL secret weapon :smiley: ?
Who is going to make/try one and share :slight_smile: ?

Not me, Mark (Curbrider), in answer to the last question.
I am very new to 36 inch riding and still trying out my purple T7 handle. I’m not yet comfortable with high speed. My knees have a bit of pain so for now I ride with 170 mm cranks which helps in my case. I’m tall. And staying away from curb drops for now.
My goal is for some commuting to work 4 miles each way.

Huh… so that’s how aerobars work on a coker. I’ve always wondered how people were doing that. I like the setup but I think I’d adjust mine lower so I could put more weight on them.

It’s an interesting setup, and I like the fact it’s an upright style as that matches my prefered riding position. There are some folks I’ve seen–GizmoDuck and Unisk8er specifically–that prefer a much lower position. Possibly the lower position offers less wind resistance, but it isn’t a position I’m able to hold for long stretches of time.

But to your question on whether the bar would make UPDs too dangerous, I doubt it would be a factor. The main danger those boys face from a UPD is a head injury from their lack of helmets. Hopefully there’s a law against it in Nova Scotia, so they can be protected from their folly.

Same Wakeling, the 24 hour record holder, also favours a very high handle.

Me too. I like the idea of the elbow-rests, but their riding position is way too upright. For comfort it’s probably good, but for long, fast rides (like RTL) I think I’d opt for less frontal area.

I think there’s a helmet rule for the race, but not sure. If there isn’t there should be, but that’s up to the organizers and their insurance carrier. I certainly recommend it for any riding when cars are around. Also I’m going to repeat my recommendation for wristguards and anything else you want to add for the criterium race!

first my name is sander not alexsander:p

dustin first made this design so i copiet it from him and made some adjustments.

i now have it a little bit lower but i like it to be not to low. (because of back pain)

my last plan is to make it out of aluminium so have to look if i can make it at school or at work. to make it a little bit lighter.
the netherlands will not go to rtl because no sponsors

excuse me for me englichs.

Haha why not just go all the way and get a bike! Seriously, that looks pretty comfy but a little overboard imo. But then again, maybe I’d love it!

A critique on going overboard from the guy who rigged up a stereo system on his? :roll_eyes:

Yesh! But I’ve switched to headset to make you happy!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m with John. The elbow-rests might be nice (dunno until I try 'em myself), but having the handle “in my face” like that seems almost dangerous. Being that I’m in the “low handle” camp, I could be biased…

I like to tuck when going downhill so my body can absorb any front-back instability caused by a bump in the road, or improper brake modulation, and this handle would keep me from leaning further forward. What am I going to do when I want to tuck with these things, stick my head through the handlebars?

Also, I don’t see how one can push down on this with sufficient force to relieve pressure on his butt… unless he pushed with his elbows. Doesn’t seem very ergonomic.

(Disclaimer: this post is purely speculative)

Outlaw unicycle gangs with high ape hanger type bars can’t be to far away. :sunglasses:

  1. I believe it is an advantage for stability purposes and for riding straight, as with any handle, but I do not think a handle this high is ideal.
  2. UPDs would seem to be more dangerous, but as I have not tried a handle like this I am not sure.

The ideal uni set up changes for each person, which means there are a lot of different handle set ups people are trying. I like tucking in further down than a high handle would allow, and having a handle close to the front of your saddle makes it easier to pull up on uphills. A high handle like in the video seems like it would make climbing awkward…but once again…I am not an expert on that kind of handle set up.

I think the T7 will work better for you than a set up like in the video. I would stick with that for a while. I have a GB4 handle (not sold anymore) that doesn’t sit as far out as the T7 and I love it. I can’t imagine riding with a different handle set up, and I find myself riding very similar to Ken now at a tucked in position.

Riding 4 miles on your 36er to work is VERY doable (or totally doable as some would say on this forum :smiley: ). Aspen Mike used to solely use 170mm cranks on his 36er and he is able to cover quite a large amount of distance. Stick with your current set up for now and you should be comfortable riding 8 miles a day to/from work. After you get comfortable with the 170s, I would highly recommend switching to 150mm cranks (or smaller) if you are going to be commuting. If you have any other commuting questions feel free to ask, as we have a number of uni commuters on this board.

Not having tried it, I will guess anyway

They seem to be pedaling along pretty good. It’s maybe that they can weight the bars more this way, because the weight going into the arms is closer to the seatpost balance point, then when the bars are lower and to the front. You can’t displace as much weight further forward, without tipping forward.

I think it is a mistake to compare this handle to closely to Pete’s guni. These are for a standard frame. Pete’s guni had a special frame that put the seat rearward, that allowed a more forward handle placement.

Safety wise, in the grand tradition of racing, people won’t sweat safety if it’s really a faster setup.:smiley:

Actually, it looks more of a threat to my wallet then to my health. That much pipe will be expensive and fragile, if it is really light.:wink:

Sam’s handle isn’t that high - it just looks like that in photos cos he rides bent down very low. If anything it is silly low.

Or at least it wasn’t last time i saw.

If you have EVER fallen off of a unicycle and hit your head, then you are obviously not anywhere NEAR good enough of a unicyclist to comment on ANYTHING!

Same with sissy boy Fossy.

If you have EVER unicycled at 20mph you would know how much of a serious risk a head injury can be if you fall at that speed. It doesn’t matter how good of a unicyclist you are, the risk will always exist even if you are not likely to hit your head during a crash. At race speeds, one would be crazy not to wear a helmet.

Have you ever gotten your legs tangled up in an extravagant 36er handle going top speed? I could see this happening. It wouldn’t turn out so well, either.

And yes, I saw someone hit their head on a unicycle once…something about a back flip and a trampoline…

Normal riding without any extra junk on your uni, you may be right… on a 36er you might just end up sprawled out sliding forward 20ft on you forearms and knees…
before that car runs over your legs and at the same time crushes your helmet with its bumper…both your legs are broken but your helmet saved you:D

EDIT: siafirede beat me to it with a much less extravagant post.
Also, what I said above doesn’t mean I wear a helmet for freestyle.

I know, if it smells like a troll… :roll_eyes:

I have had a UPD where I was glad to be wearing a helmet and solid gloves. I wasn’t moving fast, but it was a slightly tricky part of my muni-route and I was starting to get really tired. If I hadn’t been wearing the helmet I would have had more than some superficial bruises on my chin to worry about.

When I go out on a ride I always wear a helmet. The fact that it will be there when I DO need it is the point. If you think a helmet looks too stupid then don’t wear one, but don’t harass people who actually care about (and use) what they’ve got between their ears :stuck_out_tongue:

upd are not a problem with this set up as it is almost as narrow as the seat.

i realy like it to be a little higher than the most people have around here.
but its a little bid lower now than in the movie.

the materials are easy to get and cheap.
the T7 is 49 euros i have spent about 30 for this set up.

I’m lazy, and didn’t expect any useful responses to my rant, so I never came back. So, this is out of date, and I wouldn’t have replied at all, except that you guys actually try to make some good points, and so I felt slightly obligated to reply to them. I am piking minkuni to quote as he made the most “useful” points.

Hey, I shower at least once a month…

That is not an argument that would hold up under any real scrutiny. You in fact have no idea what would have happened to you if you had not been wearing a helmet. There is proof, though again, I’m too lazy to go find it again, that states that helmet use is indeterminate in saving or CAUSING injury. There are as many studies showing that helmets save people, as studies showing that helmets cause injuries that otherwise would have been prevented had no helmet been worn.

That is in deed a FINE thing to say. And I’m not disputing it WHAT-SO-EVER. But if you reread what got my biscuits so fired up, other than ANYTHING written by Fossy, you’ll see that this all stemmed from Tom saying that this was folly to be riding without helmets, and that hopefully there would be a LAW against it for RTL. Again, what you say is great, I don’t herass (or myass for that matter) people for wearing a helmet. I am however constantly himassed by people telling me that I could or should or MUST wear a helmet. That is NOT ACCEPTABLE to me in any way, shape, or form. If you accept that I shouldn’t tell people what to do (which, if you reread what I said, you’ll see that I didn’t) then you must accept that people (any people, law officials included) shouldn’t tell me what to do, as long as the only person that I’m possibly injuring is myself. (Don’t even get me started on how we don’t own our own bodies, (suicide being illegal and whatnot) though, cuz that really gets my hizzy in a tizzy.) (Though, my uncle made an astute point the other day, he said that perhaps the police weren’t looking out for our own safety in implementing mandatory seat belt laws, but were instead looking out for the tidiness of the unfortunate souls who might run over our bodies as they are flung from our vehicles.)

Oh, and by the by, 20 mph, though brisk, is really not that fast. If you can sustain 20mph in a race situation, you should also be able to roll out of a fall and save yourself any major injuries completely. That is not to say that all can, but that’s the same as the skinny-assed skater boys from youtube fame that (though wearing a helmet, cuz that really saved them) break their arms and legs from falling literally off their skateboard while standing still, cuz they have no musculature built up at all. They, and you if you fall into the unicycling end of this spectrum, shouldn’t be riding hard. If you do, and you fall, and you break yourself, then you have no right at all to tell the rest of us that we should take extra precautions because of what happened to you. The rest of us are in good enough shape for our bodies to save us, we don’t need “safety” gear to do what we can inherently do ourselves.

So, anywho, once again, I’m not a troll, I just don’t like people being stupid. And to the point, I agree that to each his own, it’s when people start spouting off against that, that I get mad.

So, to everyone (cept my fav bud fossy) have a great evening and weekend, and don’t let them scary trolls get you.