Cheetah Mountain Madness

Hey guys,

so i had come across this commercial about a month back on TV and i thought it would be a perfect opportunity to spread the love about unicycling and also make some money on the side!

Another playback artist that i work with loves filming and the idea of unicycling, so naturally we made a Mountain Unicycling commercial to promote the energy drink “Cheetah Power Surge”. We ended up renting a Canon 7D building a steady cam and heading up to the woods.

Since this is more of a commercial setting the riding isn’t amazing by any means but we were really trying to have the audience guessing till you see me in full frame.

wish us luck!

Justin Kohse

p.s. also voting should begin on the site soon, but we just registered today so im not sure our video will appear on the Cheetah website today at all.

Great job. I like it.

Awesome!! I’m going to vote you and buy the drink many times:D

This video looks like it was made by professionals! wait…:wink:

Nice place to ride and film…

Great job…

think of this as preview to the Cali Muni Weekend thats been held in Vancouver this year…

Cool, I like it!

Good luck on the pitch…
I liked it.

thanks for the support!:smiley:

This best all the commercials I’ve ever seen. I hope you win, and I’ll make sure to vote. :slight_smile:

Good comercail. Good luck with it!

thanks for the support everyone, we’re up to 600 views in just a couple days.

Hope you win. I hate that Cheetah Power Surge commercial…

I like it :slight_smile:

Yeah, your video is the best so far.

Someone should do some editing on this and submit it:


just thought i’d throw an update on here.

we’re almost hitting 800 views on the 3rd. pretty happy about that right now and we havent even been put on the cheetah power surge webpage yet hahaha.

thanks guys, you rule.

I really like it but “No Bull”?! :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah thats the slogan for the company hahaha, im surprised they can get away with that.

Really? I thought you just made that up… that’s cool, even if Red Bull comes from Austria :smiley:

it’s 10:15pm… the video has been up for less then a week and we’ve almost hit a 1,000 views!

currently sitting at 980!

I like it, nice work!

Now im thristy;)

thought i would bump this for a bit, any chance you good unicycle people might be able to give us some “thumb up” votes ?

it would be GREATLY appreciated…