Cheetah Mountain Madness - Voting has begun!

(sorry to post this twice but i want to get as much traffic flow as we can.)

help us win this contest! lets get another unicycle commercial on tv!

thanks a bunch guys and gals!

  • Kohse

hey guys,

just wanted to bump this up and try and give us a good shot at winning this contest!

we went from 4.5 stars to 3.5 just over the weekend, i think the competition is voting us down HARD!

thanks again!


Voted 5 :).

5stars :slight_smile:

Theres quite a few entries, eh
I watched a few, and yours was definitely the best. Good Luck!

thanks frank,

we might have some haters here… or maybe the competitors are voting us down because we got down to 3 stars over the weekend (we were at 4.5 previously) so someone keeps voting us down…

5/5 avg is still 3.5

whats happening guys!

so voting ends on the 31st and we’re stuck at 3 stars :angry:

it would be awesome if you guys could help us get our video back up to
5 stars again! we also just passed 5,000 views on youtube so thats exciting!

  • Justin