Cheetah Mountain Madness - Voting has begun!


theres the link to our entry, if you guys could help us out and give it a vote that would be great!

votes are a third of the overall score so be nice! lets get a unicycle commercial on TV again!

  • Justin

I voted 5 stars :sunglasses: It would be really cool to have another Unicycling comercial again, and yours looks really good!

One vote from Sweden. Five stars! :wink:

5 stars!

You guys are doing really good compared to your competition!


thanks for all the support guys!
if we win then most of it is going to go towards film equipment so my work colleague and i can start our own sport involved film studio.

All the other entries I’ve seen don’t look that good at all, yours is realy good, voted 5 star!

Just voted one star for everyone else.

What? I’m not biased.

Great little ad!

So how’s the product? Better/worse than the other “energy/sports” drinks out there?

thanks again for the support guys.


the product tastes pretty good and it does give you a pretty good kick for your ride. i found the taste to be a little strange but with most energy drinks that seems to be the case. theres also a high amount of sodium in the drink…

man, the competition is voting our video down HARD!

we went from 4.5 stars to 3.5 in a day :angry:

any chance you guys can help us get to 5!!?? :smiley:

Arg, it isn’t letting me vote for it again!