check your favorites list (gallery)

i just tried to go to my gallery by clicking on the same link in my favorites list that ive used for the last 2 years and it didnt work.i had to manually go through all the gallery pages to find mine again.i made it a favorite once more and now it works for me.

i havent been to my gallery in awile so this could be old news but annoying none the less.

I just noticed a couple days ago, that random orderz wouldn’t open from my favorites either. I just figured it had been deleated.


if you title your gallery something, rather than keeping the assigned number to it, it remains the same name

How do you add an album to your favorites list?

it has worked the way it was for the last 2 years and all the other gallery links i have in my favorites list still work…oh wait! only some of them do now…? Steve Howards must have changed too.why why why

does this mean that all the threads in the past i have linked to my gallery in the past are now bunk and some links for others too?

and what happened to the gallery Search function?

Gilby had to disable it because the gallery searches were bogging down the server. The gallery software was not designed for such a large collection of galleries. We’ve gone beyond what the software was designed to do.

The searches were literally searching through a large text file of gallery names and such to find a hit (dumb!). That is not an efficient way to do a search. The next version of the gallery software is going to use a real database as the backend rather than a flat text file pretending to be a database. When development of the next version of the gallery software is done and Gilby upgrades to the next version we should get our gallery search back.

See for development progress.

I am very grateful for all those who work on making this system work. I am easily confused by computer technology and the simplicity of using the site is important to me. I hve learned much from this forum and the gallery.

Thanks to all who put their time and talent into this work.

Extremely grateful,