Check this out

I just found this video. It is a giant one wheeled vehicle.

what an odd vehicle

kinda pointless cause you can’t turn lol.

But it is quite weird.

I seen that thing before on the interwebs, but I can’t remember how where or why.

From memory the guy who built it was working towards breaking the one wheeled vehicle land speed record. Hence turning wasn’t much of a concern but speed was. I’ve seen footage of it going much faster :slight_smile:

For full info see:

I remember reading on his site he was considering building another model to beat the speed record. However he’s going to have a tough time beating the Maclean Rocket Roadster

arcin and sparkin

Makes me want to go out to the shop and BUILD!.. somthing. I don’t know what but… maybe a steam powered unicycle!!! You may laugh but I wouldn’t be supprised if that guys great grandfather got looking at someones bicycle and said “well…why not it’ll be fun” and the uni was born.

that looked cool. i want to try it now.