there’s already been a thread about this buddy…
it IS cool though! it’s rockin
i kinda want one

Check this out

I saw roger and darrens but they are on ebay allready!!!

my bad, just below this, sorry fellas

Maybe this is a duplicate thread, but…

I rode one of these yesterday at

Well, rode might be an over statement. I mounted and rolled across the floor on it a couple of times.

It felt vaguely the way I remember it felt to roll a car tire down a hill when I was eleven. A kind of “gain in power equals a loss of control” feeling.

My current word for all such otherwise uncategorized feelings applies: it was freakish.

I guess for the guy / gal who used to have everything, now there’s this. (I’m anxiously awaiting the marketing plan.)

Just wanted to remind you to use better titles for your threads. “Check this out” is just a bit ambiguous.