Check this news out!

I love Kelly H. haha.

p.s. Bro, seat drag?

p.s.again. “A good rider like Hickman can still SHRED” hahaha, that’s so funny.

agreed! Thats good.
Oh my god those news readers are boring. Their voice barely changes tone the whole time.

lol, Peabody

I like how this was an ACTUAL ACCURATE PUBLIC PORTRAYAL OF UNICYCLING! Well, as accurate as the news can get that is :wink:

thats cool…good exposure 4 the sport

it’s always cool when you can see unicycling on tv, cause it makes it more popular. good job!

and this is my part in the news^^ (needs no extra thread)

Haha. That was great! Really cool to see a somewhat good take one ‘unicycers’. The at the end of the first video seriously said Unicycers. Lol… So funny. Great riding kelly!

Something’s fishy here. Why isn’t kelly licking balls? I feel betrayed;).

Great exposure for the sport, good job unicore.

Wasn’t one of those people in “under no influence” ?

Sure looks like it.

I also remember a thread with the same video… could just be me though.

The first video was posted before, but I think the second is new.

Seeing unicycling on tv is always entertaining because of they that people talk about it. There is just something weird about listening to them talk about it like it is so amazing that there is a group like that.

it would have been weirder if their voices actually had some expression and inflection. “unicyclers” go figure…