check the track / test ride on Samobor tracks for CUT

Two weeks ago, Darja and me went to Samobor to check out the location for the upcoming event C.U.T in north Croatia. We find amazing tracks and a beautifull landscape and city. Here is a short outtake from Darjas and Tomislavs ride. Don’t forget to sign in for C.U.T :wink:

That looks sick!
It looks like there are some steep technical sections and some mellow sections as well. I wish I lived in Europe… so many events to go to!

2 things

  1. i wish i could ride there
  2. why the full face helmet?

Just curious, why upload this to vimeo and not UTV?

@ knoxuni: I discuss about Fullface helmets with several riders so far. I know 3 here in Europe that ride it everytime and they use it because they love their head :smiley: At least on of them told me that he change to fullface after a harder contact between his chin and a rock.
It is a problem of a smaler field of view but it is a much much better protection for sure. Im sure that more and more rider will swap to FUllface in Downhill because it make sense.

@ unicycledood: haha good question. THe organizer need it for embedding at some places so I upload it on vimeo and still forget to upload also on utv :slight_smile:
We work actually hard on UTV 3.0 which will then also offer the option to embed uploaded videos and a lot more nice features.

I may trythat next time I do pure DH only issues i see is it being hot on the up hills.


Ohhh sounds good! Will this change the issues a lot of us are having with the player? For me it loads 10x slower then youtube :s

Edit: That is not an overstatement, but maybe an understatement

A compromise between protection and comfort, can be MTB full face helmet. It gives good field of vision, and still adequate protection:

A similar helmut is the Giro Swichblade. I don’t think either is sold in the US.