Check out this cool online unicycle game

Click here to play this cool online unicycle game. It’s 2D, but still pretty cool and definitely takes getting used.

dude. its WWAAAYYYY HARD!!!

Yeah, at first I went to the training area and practiced idling. I found it to be like the learning curve when you first start to ride a uni. I couldn’t idle for 20 seconds (in the game) w/o falling and then BAM after like 5-10 minutes of trying I was able to idle for 41.9 seconds.

I don’t give a crap! As long as I’m having fun, who cares if I’m doing it right or not. It’s only a game!

i got over 400 on the long jump and over 3 mins of idling in the training… it just takes some time to get used to. it is not easy tho like most internet games

i suck at that game, im going back to mortal kombat 4 lol

awesome game. but extremly hard!

Yes it is, i could only get 8.4 b4 falling.

Then i got bored. :stuck_out_tongue:

haha you can do revs and backflips.

Its almost as hard as real unicycling! I really like it actualy.

I think it feels exactly like I’m riding a real unicycle!

when riding you can control both how much you lean and how much you pedal, on this you can’t, and that makes it much harder.

What can I say?! First it was the forums to stop me unicycling, now I can actually unicycle while i’m at my computer too!

Yeah man! :smiley:

i got 444

i cant wait for project uni

haha i did a backflip on the long jump. i got 225.

there’s this game as well…

1067 is my longest for the long jump.

Cant beat that yet.

This seems to be a better game. :smiley: