Check out these sick pixx! (in other words, we got some pretty awesome shots today!)


That’s JonnyD ^
This is bagpiperboy:
(we actually have a few more, but they would be better seen in a gallery . . . one day one of us will get around to it. . .)

Ok, so these two aren’t ractually real, but you gotta admit, they were some sick pixx, er pictures. . .

More (real) pictures to come later.

Dude, I thought you took the pictures in the middle of a huge unispin, or something, before I realized they weren’t real…
Pretty cool, though.

That’s pretty funny.

Makes you wonder how many pics are just staged. :smiley:

Is his nickname for any particular reason… I was wondering if I had the claim to fame of being the only person ever to play bagpipes on a unicycle… but it could be challenged.