Check out these pictures !


The Toronto Unicyclists hosted a unicycle week-end in Toronto on October
19th and 20th 2002. Team Semcycle, RTUC members from Michigan and the
twins, Cindy and Cynthia, from Quebec came to Toronto to join us for a
fun filled week-end of unicycling and other cool events.

We played unicycle basketball, unicycle sumo and unicycle trac-ball on
Saturday in our usual Thursday night gym. We had a big feast and prize
raffle after the gym at a local church we rented. Then it was on to
another school yard after it turn real dark to play unicycle hockey…
with a flaming puck ! After all the unicycling events ended, we played
Whirly-ball at an amusement center.
(Whirly-ball is: bumper car / trac-ball / basketball - all at once.)

Sunday was a ride on the " Moon " just outside Toronto. Everyone had a
blast riding and racing on the red clay hills that have naturally form
themselves over the last 50 years.

We will host another week-end in Toronto next year. Join us if you
missed this one.

Check out the pictures, taken by Pete Groves, at:

Thanks to everyone who attended !


sweet pics!

Definate, ‘should have been there,’ event.


Hey Darren,
Wow it looks you guys had an amazing time. I hope I would be able to attend next year.
Nice fall colours you had on the moon.

Wow Darren, great pic’s! Looks like you guys and gals had a fantastic time.



hey thats pretty sweet but are there ever any unicycling events on vancouver island???

peace out, kozy

I like the ‘unicycle tree’ picture. Now you need a Unicyclist tree pic… heh he …


I’m SO envious!

Keep us posted to dates of your next event.

Re: Check out these pictures !

>hey thats pretty sweet but are there ever any unicycling events on
>vancouver island???

not yet, but I’m organising one for summer/spring of next year. See the thread
labeled Vancouver Island MUni Weekend.