Check out these new Huge Drop Photos!

Yup, these make damn good wallpaper. Awesome shots and riding. Thanks for sharing.

Fantastic shots! Is it possible that I’ve seen ‘another uni drop’ before? Like half a year or a year? That or another drop photo at a very similarly looking location.


I’d love to go to redbull, but california MUni weekend is the same weekend! I thought it was invite only, or are you just going to be watching?

Anyways, again, i like the photos, i need to find some places like that to do drops (nice roll-outs!) big drops to flat really suck!


Awesome pictures. How were the landings?

Just a question- has anyone out there bent or broken the KH Cranks/hub?

Kris Holm

The landings are great kris! not to soft, but not to hard. there perfect. well, maybe it depends on the drop, cause some landings you will just sink, some are way to hard so your uni will just slip right from under you.
No, i havent broke the KH hub. nothing has gone wrong with my unicycle.
The redbull is an invite only. i’m going to watch. its about a 5 min drive from my house. i’m also taking my uni so i can do some drops and have the perfessional photographers take pics of me. and thanks everyone for the compliments!


how do drops like that (onto a steep dust slope) compare to drops onto concrete?
i dont often get the chance to ride in such beautiful landscapes.
only concrete.

It’s hard even to begin on this one!

Big drops to good transitions in natural terrain can be buttery soft if done right. The kind of terrain in these pictures is particularly good because having a bit of give to the ground helps hugely with the initial impact. It’s way better than concrete; landing to flat concrete basically sucks in my opinion!

Plus drops of any size in natural terrain are often much more interesting because they force you read complex terrain, and be precise with your landings.