Check out these new Huge Drop Photos!

Not only are the drops nice, but the photos are beautiful.

Keep on rockin’ out…


THOSE ARE GREAT! Can you post higher res so we can download? And did you land the second and fourth ones?


those are awesome. keep being awesome.


Re-sized Photos

I re-sized the photos, they are still only 800 pixels wide. I will upload some larger ones soon.

High Res Version

Here is a higher res vesion, photos by my dad, Doug Wilson

Full res

Rider Jimmy Wilson, photo by Doug WIlson

Another one

Rider Jimmy Wilson, photo by Doug Wilson

And another one

rider Jimmy Wilson, Phot Doug Wilson

Jimmy, thanks - tell your dad that those are fantastic shots. And I’m curious - what camera did he use?


I like the photos.

What kind of pedals are you using, are they bent? and how ise the KH hub and cranks holding up? I keep bending pedal/profiles from big drops, and i’m trying to solve it. also, how much do you weigh?


dads camara

my dad uses a Canon EOS digital 10D, it is a 6.3 megapixel camera that uses interchangable lenses. He used at least two different lenses on the photos appearing on this message string.

My cranks and hub arre holding up just fine, I have bent two other pedals though, but now I have some azonic on there that are holding up pretty good, and yeah, I weigh about 120 lbs.

nice pictures,

which drops did you land?

i landed the one with the dark blue sky and i’m black. and the small one with the cool clouds. the other ones, my tire just sunk in the dirt and i went flying. but the one i landed was about 9 feet. is anyone going to red bull rampage in virgin utah. october 18-19? i want to meet some other unicyclists besides me. its a mountain biking thing, but it is going to be awesome. crazy stuff.

Yeah those pictures are awesome, great photography and unicycling.
Keep it up

Re: dads camara


I want my next camera to be something along those lines. But the camera doesn’t take the picture. Mr. Wilson definitely knows what he’s doing; excellent shots!

I think those larger images answer the question about whether all drops got landed. Okay, maybe you guys were rolling around in the dirt also… :slight_smile:

Re: Check out these new Huge Drop Photos!

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I wonder whether you and your dad have created the definitive unicycling
wallpaper? Excellent stuff indeed.


Cheers for posting those!

They’re great, I especially like the blue sky one.