Check out the Schwinn Giraffe I bought on ebay!

And I was the only bidder. The listing describes it as never having been used. It looks like its never been used.

Now somebody needs to pick up this gem:

Serial # 770700. How cool is that?

Edit: The picks below are of the one I just bought.

Wow, all original, and the bolt-on bottom sprocket! How’s the tire look? Since it’s almost 30 years old the rubber may have some issues. But this I think depends on how it was stored. I still have one or two of those tires that are usable, including the one on mine. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Nicely done! My Giraffe is only about 5 years ‘younger’ but it’s near bulletproof. I’m looking forward to clean roads & sidewalks (darn winter!) so I can keep working on it!


I’ve never seen a Schwinn giraffe without a good helping of rust.

Great find!

Your eBay link is so tempting… 1977 was the year I was born! I’m going to add her to my watch list and see what happens.


If you were born in '77 then it was meant to be!


We’ll see about the tire when I get it. As you know I already have another Schwinn Giraffe. That one will by my “daily driver.” The new one will be my “Damn right its in mint condition” Schwinn.:smiley:

that’s because you’ve only seen mine! It’s rust-tic.



Sad that Maestro hasn’t seen mine. The not-rusty one, that is…

Hey, I just saw a Schwinn Giraffe for sale in the Trading Post here. Seller included a photo of the serial number, which is the same, but it isn’t the same Giraffe. That one has the Giraffe sticker (picture of a giraffe) and the lock-ring, track-style hub. What gives? Which is the real 770700?


The ebay listing for 770700 states the following at the bottom:

“Subject to local sale. phoenix> east valley> for sale / wanted > bicycles”

Hopefully you are looking at the local listing posted by the same guy.

Oh. I reread the first post to see you were talking about two different Schwinns in great condition. Yours is the better one in terms of hub. His has the better sticker. :slight_smile:

Indeed. If only Toys-R-Us hadn’t complained. Like it would have affected their sales anyway…

8 minutes to go for serial # 770700! There are no bids.