Check out the latest FILM!!!


We are back in operation! This time with increased force. returns from their winter hibernation with a special Easter gift for the unicycling masses that is sure to psych you up for the season that is upon you, make you smile, and make you love the sport that we are so devoted to!

Insane Films Spring 2004 video, otherwise known as “Spring!” (as in a yoyo?) is ~30 mb and can be easily downloaded with a broadband connection. It is almost 11 minutes long and is set to the music of The Illegal Art Compilation, Big Audio Dynamite II, and Fatboy Slim. Riders are: Tim Colegrove, Nait Hare, and Jeff Butcher.

As this is the first large film to be released this year on the net (correct me if I’m wrong) I hope that it inspires. Please leave any comments, praises, or critiques on this page. Please do NOT leave any critical remarks about us not wearing our helmets or shinguards. This has already been stressed <smiles>.

Get out and enjoy this spring!!

…and please. ride hard and have fun!

Very nice! Thanks for making it available for download.


That was cool. I enjoyed that camera thing you did.

ah the wonders of wide angle…