check out my trials course progress and set backs

Here are a few pics of what i’ve accomplished on Day 1 and even this wonderful setback=smashing finger with hammer and drilling through the nail with a dremel to release the pressure. If you guys get any ideas after looking at what i’ve done feel free to comment.

Thanks, Matt


more pics




Hey,im jealus.

Just,not of the finger.

Thats an awsome setup you got goin!

That looks like a lot of fun, except for your finger…

One thing I noticed about the course is you have a lot of skinnies, but not much of other stuff. You should try taking a few of the skinny bits out, and gapping betwixt the spools. OR something.

Use the stairs in the background for somthing.And just roll it away when your not using it.

Very nice! I’m curious, where did you get all of the spools?

Very awesome. I need one.

Wait, you hit your finger with a hammer (on accident I assume), the used your Dremeled a hole in your nail (on purpose) to release the pressure. Damn, that’s got to hurt. Well, it is a nice setup you have there. Is the finger injury going to stop you from riding?

yea i drilled a hole through it. My dad’s a doctor and said i would lose the nail if i didn’t drill a hole. I still have two healthy legs to ride so i should be ok.

**Go to any local electric company and ask them if they have any leftover reels. They will more than likely throw them at you because they have no where to put them.



can the skinnies be added and removed easily? because the widest one, from what i saw, is the wide side of a 2x4 and i expect that after riding on the stuff for a while you may want to try skinnier skinnies. also, i agree that you should have more than just skinnies. spools are great for practicing hopping and pedal grabs and such.

Man, you need to make some videos of you riding that thing, or invite some of us over so we can ride with you!

Beautiful! On the huge spool that resting on it’s curvy side, how about extending the line to a hop up onto the very top curvy narrow bit and off to somewhere else? If the up is too high, you can easily add a little step to help you up. Also, if you want a bigger landing surface up there you could easily attach something extra up there. Have a look at the photos from Unicon…they had something similar I believe.


Re: check out my trials course progress and set backs

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005 17:50:45 -0600, “mfrobert” wrote:

>yea i drilled a hole through it. My dad’s a doctor and said i would lose
>the nail if i didn’t drill a hole.

Loosing a nail is not that dramatic. I lost a nail once because of
something similar, and it just grew back.

Some of those skinnies look rather unstable, side-to-side. Are they

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Wow that is an awesome setup. I’m going to have to see if I can get my hands on some spools not. I just hope its ok with my dad though.

Drilling the finger doesnt sound to bad till you’ve gone through the nail. I also lost a nail but it grew back kinda funny. The lines on it go straight then off to the left they come in diagnally. Looks like this “//||||”. There’s also like splinters that come out of the middle that are a little painfull, I have no idea why either.

When the summer is near, i have to do somehting similar, but now i just have to wait, outside it’s +2°C, pouring down rain, and the white roads we had last nigt, is very very very slippery now! I don’t want to get out. But i have some things on my uni i have to fix, so i’m all set for the night.

the skinnies with the exception of the 2x4 are ultra sturdy. I can jump up and down on them without any hesitation. The 2x4 has a little side to side play and may be removed here soon to incorporate some gapping between spools. Today i picked up some wood from a local lumber yard all for free. I have a friend who works there and he hooked me up with 5 4x4’s treated 5 2x6’s some treated and 5 2x4’s all untreated. But hey it was all free and i can’t complain. I’ll be sure and update soon. I have a little surprise to tell you about so check back in a couple of days Nicknamed the circle of death but i can’t tell you what it is yet.


mfrobert where do you live?

columbus, Indiana. Everyone is invited to come over and ride if they ever are over this way. If your driving through indiana to the NAUCC feel free to let me know and you can stop by i’ll be heading that way as well.