Check out my hub

Nice, eh?

(the tail of the G sticker fell off so I just used a sharpie for the rest…)

What I did was cut out a piece of cardboard in the little oval and ran spray paint over it (graffitti style) then put the GB4 sticker on.



that’s beautiful, what colour schemed uni is it going on?

Black… pretty much all of it, I think I’ll modify frame bottom to match hub though.

A GB4 logo on a UDC hub. That’s going to get confusing. People are going to think that George is making hubs again. :slight_smile:


Long story short…

It took UDC two MONTHS to get me this hub when it should have been a week. I figure if I have to wait 6 times the promised time, I can do whatever I want to it :slight_smile: