check out my gross new uni

its pretty gross but i made it myself so i cant ask for much, i decided not to paint it

If I may say so, that looks gnarly.

can you shift those gears

No, he can’t. Look at the picture.

no i wish, idk why i would want to but thatd be pretty amazing

thats pretty gnarly. is that a 24" wheel and whats the gear ratio right now?

ya its a 24" wheel, and idk wat a gear ratio is but it turns as much as a normal uni, every time the cranks go all the way around the tire does, i had it on the smallest sprocket and that wasnt working to good, i had to peddal a rediculous ammount

that is sweet how long did it take to make?

like less than a week. it was easy and cheap. if u have a welder and the tools , then it cost me like $25, go to garage sales, i found a specialized mountain bike which are pretty nice, for $15

can you ride it?

ya, but the first time i got on it i relized it was ironic cause im affraid of heights, but once i rode it i lost that fear. its not as hard as i though once i got going. and the first time i rode it the drank fell off cause i guess there were no bolts holding them on, and that sucks. but ya, its not that hard

How did you attach the bottom sprocket (gear) to the wheel?

I like the way the forks rake to the rear. Probably looks cooler than the other way around.

Beware of weak spots in the frame. Normal giraffe frames tend to bend or break just above the bottom bracket (where the cranks are) so keep an eye on that joint and watch for cracks. If it breaks while riding (when else would it?) it can be dangerous.

Enjoy your custom ride!

i assume he just keept the same one on it just locked it up so it doesnt freewhell…or does it?

so for the sproket, i just welded it to the hub, and ya it already broke once under the cranks like the day after i made it, so i got a really thick pipe that wont break and now its pretty strong

oh ya and i took out the frewheel which i found out sends out a jackpot of bearings