Check out all these new Bedford Unicycles items !

Here is a list of some of the new items available from Bedford Unicycles

Photo link below

3 new MUni Brake Handle Mounts

The first one is a bar end type mount custom made just for mountain unicycles. Works great with any seat. Just slip it over the post and tighten with a Allen key.
For 22.2mm posts
6061 Aluminum
Powder coated black or polished
Designed and made by Bedford Unicycles.

The second one is a special mount designed to bolt right on to the Kris Holm Velo seat. It attaches to the 4 bolts that hold the front handle on the seat. Works well with rail adapters.
6061 Aluminum
Powder coated black
Designed and made by Bedford Unicycles.

The third is a rail adapter with brake handle
mainly designed for the Kris Holm Velo seat and rail post.
With the rail post it allows the tilt of the seat to get that comfortable position.
Made by Steve Howard for Bedford Unicycles.

Carbon fiber and Aluminum 22.2mm rail seat posts

I now stock two new high-end rail posts to fit your current 22.2mm MUni frame. Works great with the rail adapter/brake mount above.

New Bedford Unicycles Deluxe BC Wheel

This new super smooth BC wheel features sealed
roller bearings, 14mm axles, 48 spokes and double wall alloy rim. Everything is black… hub, spokes, rim, tire and Bedford Drops.
Redesigned drops give a smoother, more controlled ride.

Original Bedford Unicycles BC Wheel still available with redesigned Bedford Drops

Photos for all above products available here:

For more info, send a e-mail or call 416-729-9696


Nice stuff, Darren. Thanks for keeping the cutting edge in unicycling SHARP.

especially the duct tape seat. =P

how much is that one Darren? :wink:

hey darren did u get ur KH parts in? ive been waiting for like a month now.

whats the deal?

oooo those 22.2mm seatposts are nice! How much do they weigh, Darren?

Are they Free Agent BMX brand? Looks like the ‘FA’ logo on them.

Nice new products!!!
The deluxe BC wheel looks awsome. Once i get the money, I am comming straight to you for one of thoes BC wheels. I’ll just have to use my clubs for now.


Time to show off my ignorance…
What exactly is a BC wheel? is it the same as an impossible wheel? with pins where the cranks would normally be? or am I thinking of something else?

Yes :smiley:

Darren, I love the KH brake mount! What a great idea, and it sounds like it would be pretty stable, since it’s attached by four bolts. Easier to get on and off as well, since it is not attached to the seat post.

Keep doing what you’re doing for unicycling. Someday I may actually have enough money to buy something!

All the brake mounts rock! It’s nice to have some choices in the uni world, keep up the R&D Darren!

Darren, question for you…

I like your Rail Adapter w Brake Handle, but the brake handle looks a little short compared to this one at ( )
I have small hands so the length of the handle is important to me. Does your handle have plenty of room to spare for adjustment? Also, whats the price in U.S. Bacon?

Thanks bud

How do you ride a club?:wink:


I meant my clubs BC wheel.
I usually juggle my clubs :slight_smile:


Here are my replies…

Scot - Thanks !

Mango - That is what someone was riding on when they came out the our unicycle club last week !
I quickly helped him and his jewels out with a replacement seat.
I wouldn’t wish that seat on anyone !

Justin - The manufacturer of the KH hub has had a few delays. As soon as the KH order arrives I will let you know. May sometime I hope.

Tony - I haven’t weighted them. The rail part is where are the weight is. The posts are super light. The tubes are thick walled too.
They are not Free Agent. I will check what brand they are.

Sabin - I know you have asked before about BC wheels. Let me know when you are ready.

Paco - Yes, the KH brake mount is sweet. The KH mount was originally drawn on a napkin when the idea came to me. I was really excited and made some a prototype. It changed once I mounted the brake handle. It had the tube facing forward. This didn’t allow the brake handle to be protected if the seat hit the ground so I redesigned it to have the tube face the back of the plate. Works great and doesn’t allow the brake handle to hit the ground. The seat handle hits protecting the brake handle.
Jeff and Ryan both have these mounts. I know Jeff has his on a Bedford 29" with brakes.
I showed Kris Holm when he was in Toronto for the TOque games. The mounts have really been available for over 4 months now. Jeff came by my shop and took the photo’s for me just this week.

I have other awesome KH improvement that I will post next week. I have been doing this upgrade for 5 or 6 months now. Stay tuned.

Zod - Thanks, I have a blast when I am in the machine shop making cool unicycle parts. I love creating new items. I spend a couple days making new BC wheel drops last week to go with the new
sealed bearing wheel set.
The handle is definately long enough. 30.00 US
I have been asking Steve for quite some time for that part. He makes nice stuff.

Thanks to all for posting replies.


Darren, You Rock!
All your new stuff looks awesome!
Hope to see you in Salt Lake!

-Ryan Woessner :slight_smile:

hey darren nice stuff, are you selling the spongebob shirt and how much is the bc wheel in it’s deluxe and standard models?


You Rock too ! Thanks for the message !


Bedford BC Wheel
140.00 Canadian / 105.00 US

Bedford Deluxe BC Wheel
175.00 Canadian / 130.00 US

Bedford Downhill BC Wheel
295.00 Canadian / 225.00 US
Off-road platforms

I am working on getting those SpongeBob jersey’s.
They are 110.00 Canadian if I can get more.


Count me in for an XL if that ever happens. I’d pay extra for one with Squidward doing a stomach on seat ride, and pedaling with 4 tentacles per pedal. Think of the climbing leverage!


I have your XL SpongeBob on a unicyle jersey.
A pair of socks too !

Send me a e-mail.


Darren, I PMed you. Please reply, thanks


hey darren,

did u get the new KH parts? apparently they dont have nubs