Check my Reality?

i spent some time on the weekend hauling my 24 out the closet, dusting it off and getting a seat to fit
after all this i decided to take it for a bit of a spin around the neighbourhood and ended up riding for about an hour

while i was out and about, i started thinking quite seriously about doing this race
my c*cling friends assure me it’s not called ‘jo’burg’s toughest race’ for nothing
i recently made contact with a gentleman who participated in this race on his coker last year
he’s coming to the club on thursday (and i’ll get my first chance to ride a coker!! yay!!! :smiley: )

my questions
is it realistic to expect a finish in this race with three months of training?
(bear in mind that i’m essentially a free-style/juggling bunny)
is it possible to do so on a 24?
(i realise it’s not ideal but it’s all i have)
what kind of training should i do?
ideal crank length?
should i just go and lie down untill this feeling passes?


‘anything is possible’ but yikes! Expect to be riding 10 hours or so on a 24"r.

You certainly need to build up to something like this, but 3 months is plenty.