Check it out: I found my other wheel....

The only problem is, I’ll have to wait until 2025 to get it.


Clicked a little too soon…meant to attach a link to a write-up on this baby:

I find it encouraging that by the time I expect to need a wheelchair, they’ll have figured out how to make one with the correct number of wheels. :sunglasses:

forget everything else …I want one of those! :astonished:

Just yesterday a guy asked me if one could attach a motor to a unicycle. I said that since you can’t really coast for long distances and have to pedal constantly it wasn’t practical. Little did I know.

By the way, it says that this contraption is like a motorcycle and requires no special training for the user. Sounds like an orthopedists dream.

Bombardier, by the way, is also the company that did the last refurbishing of the NYC subway cars, I believe.

Raphael Lasasr
Matawan, NJ

never gonna happen.we will have flying couchs by 2025 anyway.

I wonder if you could build something like that using the technology of the Segway Scooter?

I don’t know. Another question. How would you turn?

i’ve attched a vid of a motorized uni with a kid perched on top, check it out. i want one

ive changed the file extension from .mpeg to .jpg so i could upload it. it might work u’ll have to change the file extension back to .mpeg.


ok sorry guys that didn’t work. the link i have to the page with the vids is now something else. here it is anyway. you might be able to find it somewhere on there (same university).


I’m so proud to be a shareholder of Bombardier :slight_smile:

that is really really cool. where did you find the first picture?

Why wait! You just have to “roll your own” like this fellow did. :smiley:

sorry, I found that picture. I really should look myself before I ask.

The Segway has solved the balancing problem, but only in two dimensions. To balance a unicycle you’d need to add the third dimension, which would seem to be a quantum jump from what the Segway does. One of the major thing that makes the Segway safe and easy is that it stands up by itself.

The Bombardier has “idler” wheels to help it get going, so maybe the balance beyond that would not be so difficult. Steering at low speeds might be accomplished by turning the little wheels, but I don’t think this would be very stable. You’d still have to lean over, which would complicate matters with the front wheels.

Once moving, I think a motorized unicycle like the Bombardier can be steered for curving type motions with body english. You can countersteer (like a motorcycle), or just lean over for a more gradual turn. But the heavier the cycle, the harder it will be to do this as it’s your weight vs. the weight of the cycle. An 800 lb. motorcycle can flit all over the road if you know what you’re doing, because it has two points of contact with the ground to work with.

The other difficult aspect of motorized unicycles, which applies more to piston engins and not so much with electric, is smooth transmission of power to the wheel, without coasting. The Frank Malick cycles that were made in the 60’s (as seen in The Unicycle Book) had an electromagnetic brake/clutch system to cover this. I imagine that was the hard part about making the things.

The Bombardier is obviously an exercise in industrial design only, a look at what a one-wheeled superbike would look like. I did a similar project in (industrial design) school, only for an enclosed two-wheeled “car,” also with idler wheels for low speeds. The Bombardier designer (a student?) has obviously concentrated on form, and left the engineering “details” for someone else to figure out.

I definitely think the thing deserves a good grade though!

Lose that ridiculous front wheel assembly and we’re in business. You can’t go half on this - it’s either one wheel or two. It seems like they could work it out so that you can build up enough speed without the use of training wheels.

isnt that just the foot mounting spot?

Sure, it’s cool looking, but…

Will Nokian ever make a Gazz THAT wide?

No, check out the write-up linked to in Tom’s second post. It’s a front wheel that retracts at 20mph. Boo!

the new issue of Popular Science.

Using simialr tecnology to that used in the Segways, the people at Bombardier (in Montreal) are making a motor unicycle.

At 12 MPH and less it used a “landing-gear” to keep balance but aftrer 12 you can pump it up all the way to highway speeds where you will cruise on just one wheel. It uses hydrogen fuel cells to fuel it, and gyroscopes to keep the balance. As of now it is just being built and no working model yet exists.

you silly guys…

For those of you who doubt the possiblility of a motorozed unicycle ever working, think of professional motorcyclists. Some can do Wheelies for miles and miles and miles, and I’m sure that many of these have no unicycling skills whatsoever. Now imagine if you could combine years of unicycling experience with the concept of a long distance wheelie on a motorcycle! Well there you go.
Now, of course, if this Bombardier uni has similar technology to the Segway (which I’m sure it will), it will do all the balancing on its own. So, there’s nothing to worry about!

If anyone ever watched the original Dragonball series, Lunch (Launch in America) rides one of these motor unicycles.