Check it a NEW Movie

check it out tell me what u think and what can be better…

Good lookin’ stuff. Very smooth and quick.

I can’t offer any advice just because you’re wayyy above my skill level. :smiley:

youre getting better…but your choice of music is not. it still doesnt seem right…it doesnt suit your riding at all. and its still all over the place…you go from freestyle to street to trials and back around the block. however with different music and more of a theme it would be a good video.

Use a tripod or somethin a bunch of the parts seemed shaky.
Cut back on the prehops to make it smoother.
my 2 cents

Yeh learn some freestyle like wheel walk.

Tripod is a good idea, it was shaky cam for a while :wink:


yeah i noticed that i had alot of pre-hops, i was going to reshoot it but it got dark out and i didnt wanna wait till tommorow… in my next movie there will be alot less… thanks

Oh yeh another thing to learn, Rolling hops, there was a couple of times i thought you were going to go for one but you stopped and took the seat out :stuck_out_tongue:

i noticed that too. but your still better than me for the time being. i just dont have trials yet and i dont wanna break my hub.

OH yeah on saturday i am puting on my new tire i got from bedford. it is a luna, and in march i am going to try to get a splined hub from bedford. lol i STILL dont have one, hopefully in march i will… but mine right now is strong cuz i was jumping off picnic tables and noting is wrong and no noises…

just remember some times its not quality but quantity…in other words…you can doa 15 ft jump once and break your hub or you could do a 2ft drop 20 times and snap it like a twig…you will eventually need a splined hub

im getting a koxx soon :slight_smile: ive had a onza for along time, although its heavy and has big cranks its kept me going for like 3 years for the trials i actually do

wow your getting better really fast. not bad dude. I better get practicing before you pass me up =p

AHHHHH!!! i forgot to add a clip… STOP i will edit it now… 1 sec

what’s with the pointing the fingers at the camera after you do a trick? :thinking: Nice video though, liked the uni-spins

I like your tricks but you should work on your style. Try to make it more flowy and cut out all the set up hops. Other than that its pretty good. I don’t like the music though. IT IS THE NEWER ONE i just forget to add me doing some standing WW.

that along with your pointy finger thingy must be your trade mark cuz you show it in everymovie.

Call me pedantic, but I really don’t care much for the roll back mounts. They just look so odd at the begining of each sequence. If you can hop seat out you can static or rolling mount, just looks nicer. Otherwise pretty cool. Better music would really help though. Something to complement the riding not overwhelm it.


Yes, all i can say is just wait till my next one… lol each time i make a new movie i can see my progresion… what else could be better for next time??

It looks like you have the same problem as I do, namely a bias towards jumping with a prehop, or simply never learned to jump properly. Unfortunatly, I learned from the beginning to jump with a pre-hop, and that kind of ground in. I can now succesfully do a static jump with a pre-hop (Pre-hop in the same place as the actual jump), but I still want to learn how to do a ‘proper’ static jump one day. Other then that, the rythm of the music didn’t match the flow of the movie. But that’s easily fixed, it’s the riding the counts anyway. Might want to cut back on the crankgrabs too.