Cheating one foot wheel walk

Today I was practicing riding one footed when I discovered a (I think) new trick. You start riding one footed and then when your pedal gets to 6 o’clock you push the wheel with your left foot until the pedal gets to 12 o’clock then as you push the pedal back down you let your foot drag on top of the wheel. I do it alot slower than normal one foot. Also FYI I can’t wheel walk yet. Has anyone else tought of this?

On One Wheel No Limit a rider does the 1-f w-w thing while pedaling with the other foot. He doesn’t drag on the downstroke, though.

That sounds good for practicing gliding when I eventually get onto that skill. Nice work!


i have to disappoind you, this is not a new trick… In Belgium we all do it… We call it : "pouch puch glisé "
It’s a good trick to learn WW or Gliding…