cheapie for tricks?

So im trying to save for my bass in case I dont get it for christmas and a tattoo but I have about $50 I can spend on a cheapie 20in uni. I’ve been wanting to get more into tricks because my torker is making it difficult… would it be better to just wait and get a better quality street/trials uni and learn stuff that way or get a used cheapie off craigslist.

there is no way you can get anything better than a torker for 50 bucks. I would wait.

My torker is a 24inch I’ve been wanting to get a 20for easier and lighter manuvering since a torker dx isnt excatly the lightest uni… sorry I thought I typed it was a 24in there :confused:

A fancy trials or freestyle uni might be worth it if you find the money later on, but a Torker DX is a far better uni than anything you’ll get for $50, and a 24 is still OK for tricks. Also, I don’t know how much you weigh, but if you do any hopping on a “cheapie,” it will probably fall apart.

I’m light at 110 so I figured I couldn’t do thaaat much harm if I got a cheapie… but I see your point. I’ll wait then until I can get the funds for a trials then.

The one thing I would say in favor of getting a cheap uni: They are good for teaching people to ride. I sold mine and bought a good one, and it’s taking a beating now from all the people who are trying to learn to ride on it. If I still had my cheap one, I could fearlessly lend it out to my “students” until they got inspired to buy their own or give up or whatever. That’s not really the question you started this thread with, but it’s worth considering.