Cheapest place to buy 24"x3" Gazzalodi?

I know one of the John’s on this forum bought the rest of UDC’s 24x3" stock right?

So where else can these tires be bought from?

I have a friend who rides a dirt jump bike and wants the 24x3" tires, so I’m preferably looking for those.

The only place I seen them is and they’re $70, any cheaper places? John? Hook me up?

UDC UK has them for about $45… but again, it’s overseas, what’s the shipping going to be?

So yeah, help my buddy out in his quest for fat tires… if we can’t find Gazzalodi’s then I’ll just recommend the Duro Wildlife.

Have you sent UK a message about their shipping?

I used to use the 24x3 gazz and found it so highly prone to becoming “wobbly” and out of true after the smallest drops, I would never consider buying another one, let alone at current price!

Since going back to the Duro 24x3 I have done 5’ drops and pretty much put this tire through a lot of rough riding and it stays perfectly true day in day out! I was shocked and extremely disappointed however, to find that UDC has more than DOUBLED the price of the basic duro 24x3 from the very recent price of $23, to a WHOPPING $49! I mean WTF! That sucks big time! :astonished: But they still are calling a “Low cost” tire!

Whoa, that really sucks! It used to be such an awesome deal.

Wait, what?

I remember some discussion about tires becoming wobbly… but… truing your tire? Do you replace your blinker fluid at the same time?

Rims are trued to achieve strength. Why on earth would someone want to true their tire? If that tire were spinning at 100s of RPM then I could see how it would make a difference, but what’s the deal with truing a tire?

On a muni, you’re riding over uneven ground… how are you even going to notice that your tire is wobbly?

I was told that the main for the gazz price hike was that the 24x3 had been discontinued, so maybe a bit of supply in demand there, but as far as I know the Duro has not been discontinued. I tried calling UDC but got the famous voice mail.

It’s hit & miss getting a “live” person on the line. I spoke with Amy yesterday about and order, but at that time was not aware of the duro price JACK! I will call tomorrow and ask about it. In the meantime, I wonder if AE bike sells the same tire, or can get it. Worth a try I guess.:slight_smile:

Nope, because they won’t include any border fees.

I want someone who has ordered from UDC UK from CANADA to reply possibly telling me what they had to pay to get stuff into the country.

That would be John Drummond. He bought the remaining stock of 24x3 Gazz tires from Nokian when they ended production.

maestro8: he said it went out of true, he didn’t say he could true it

Price jack indeed. How the ****, who here seriously believes that they experienced a 100%+ increase in wholesale cost? It certainly does a lot for their image when they leave those laughable descriptions on.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for competition…

I just emailed UDC with the following message:

Hello John & Amy,

I was totally shocked and quite disappointed when I saw that you had increased the Duro Wildlife Leopard 24x3 DH tire from the recent $23 to a whopping $49! And the description still refers to it as “low cost”! Most everyone who has become aware of this seemingly outrageous increase that more than DOUBLES what had been the current price of $23, is equally shocked and many are downright mad.

Here’s one quote from out forum from user “Oddends” <<Price jack indeed. How the ****, who here seriously believes that they experienced a 100%+ increase in wholesale cost? It certainly does a lot for their image when they leave those laughable descriptions on.>>

[SIZE=2] Now having brought this to your attention, I also understand that from time to time there are mistakes made on your website with regard to pricing, descriptions, outdated pictures and so on.

I remember calling a couple specific examples of pricing errors to your attention in the not so distant past, and you corrected those [/SIZE][SIZE=2]oversights in a timely manner. I am very hopeful that this particular matter is also simply a pricing error, and will be corrected soon. Thanks!

Terry Peterson

Yeah I noticed they raised some of their prices as well. Probably just mad at us b/c we didn’t vote for them enough for the forbes thing…ahhh o well.

why not buy the duro wildlife tire from and save yourself 23 cents?


So I guess the Gazzalodi is a bad idea for a dirt jump bike then?

Any cheaper place to buy a Duro Wildlife… $50 for a previously $25 tire is stupid.

If the Duro is going for $50 now, you might as well get the Arrow Racing version of the tire instead. The Duro was considered to be a lower cost option to the Arrow Racing tires. But if the Duro is now more expensive you might as well switch to the Arrow Racing Wide Bite. I’m not sure what the difference are between the Duro and the Arrow Racing Wide Bite, but they seem to be quite similar. The Arrow Racing tire probably uses better rubber.

Go-Ride: Arrow Racing Wide Bite $39 or $48

Universal Cycles: Arrow Wide Bite (non-sticky version) $40

Ride-This: Arrow Wide Bite $38.99 or $41.99

Cambria Bike: Arrow Wide Bite $44.95

Cool thanks for the links!

Ride this” has the best deal. I would definitely want the “SRS” version meaning “slow react sticky” rubber. Says it has better tread life and traction that standard rubber like the duro.

It’s $41 at Ride this (lowest of the links provided) and even with shipping to my area (only $8) it still comes in under UDC’s current $50 for the duro, which is not including shipping!

To bad we aren’t riding 26"

That seems like the size to go for a big selection of bike tires. A bit of googling didn’t show anywhere with a cheaper Duro, so I doubt this is a problem UDC caused. Almost no places carry the Duro.
I did find this place, different tire, about the same price.

Has anyone tried the Berm Blaster 24x3.0 or know anything about it?,1437&pid=8558

Here’s UDC’s response to my inquiry about the 110% price increase on the Duro:

Thank you for your email. We bought a huge number of these tires several years ago, and we finally ran out. Our cost on the reordering of that tire went up substantially. A quick Google search will reveal that our price is competitive.

Best Wishes,
Your Team"

I hae the Arrow on my back up muni and don’t like it as much as the Duro. It (Arrow) is a little too stiff and I like a flimsier/cushier tire for rolling and drops. I guess you can get used to anything. The Arrow had gvrtually bullet proof sidewalls and is egven hea gvier than the Gaz. Should’a bought a bunch of Duros when the price was right. Wonder what Darren B. sells them for??