Cheapest, Branded, Street/Trails UK Sold Unicycle?

My budget is about 60-70 pounds, Im looking into street/trails, but i cannot find a cheap enough uni? I was wondering if anyone knew of some websites or slightly unheard of good unicycles for my needs. Thanks

Not ISIS and £10 over budget but you might want to look at this, personally I would keep saving until you can afford something with ISIS from Try posting a UK wanted add in the trading section maybe? Good luck :slight_smile:

So, should i get the cheapest piece of rubbish i can from ebay, learn to ride, then if i like it, ill save? That sounds alot wiser haha, thanks man.|66%3A2|39%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

Like that?

yeah, it’s genreally a good idea to get a cheapo to learn to ride, decide what kind of riding you want to do and then invest in something better that suits you. Then you have a spare uni whihc you can lend to a friend so they can lean to ride, and then you have someone to ride with! The only thing is not getting something so cheap that it’s impossible to ride. I’ve seen people put off riding entirely by the awful seats on some ebay unis. The one you linked to looks ok, just give it a really good going over when you get it as they often aren’t assembled well and, for instance having loose cranks which quickly round the axle.

^I got this one coz its reasonably cheap but still decent enough to learn on. I think postage was just under £10.

Have fun with it, whatever you buy :slight_smile:

Yeah, its a possibility but now my new tactic of the cheapest thing i can seems more wise, knowing i may just never use it lol. I cannot decide between 16 or 20 inch wheel though? I have these 2
16 Inches, 24.99 postage will take to max of 30 i think.|66%3A2|39%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 20 Inches, 36 pounds posted.

I’m a newbie myself, however I’d advise you go with the 20". However you also wanna make sure your height is okay. I think the 20" was for people under 5"6…

I think im around 5 5 ish, havent checked in a while but i will do before i buy, thanks :slight_smile:

You can go down the cheap-as-chips route but the resale value will be nil, whereas you can porbably pull half the value back out of the Qu-ax on ebay when you are done with it. The Qu-ax would also allow you to upgrade to a better uni over time (eg, stick an ISIS wheelset) in it when you have another £90) and then upgrade the other bits after as you need to. Just a thought.

that should be for people under six feet tall… and it’s a gross generalisation anyway… 16" is really for novelty or small kids.