Cheap Uni at Lidl (UK)

Bargain and you get a stand with it

anyone mind giving me a postal code? Anywhere… I want to see!

If anyone outside the UK wants to look at this enter LE4 5PN as the post code. It’s the code for one of the Lidl stores.

Thanks! Its an awesome deal, and a good warranty…

These are okay as learner unis for light 5 footers but anyone bigger or heavier needs to steer clear. The pedals are about 1/2 size and the seat tube material is very flimsy, although the frame is surprisingly well made.

I bought one for my missus when they were 25 quid last year. After an hour of tuition, she was riding around like a good 'un and was totally hooked. No wait, after half an hour of irritation she ‘put it away’ under the stairs for the next 12 months before my nephew rescued it and learnt to ride it in 3 hours and so took it home with him.

And it was a proper proud uncle moment seeing him pedal away from the wall and steer off down the street. Worth the 25 pound admission and then some…

what about the wheel?
bent the rim on mine need something to keep me going tell i get a job.
and does the seat tube happen to be 22mm?

It is all quite toy-like close-up. If you think of those kiddies bikes you get for 49.99, you would not be far off in terms of strength and build quality. The welding on the frame was very neat though as if no-one had told the fabricator it was for a ‘chocolate’ uni…

From memory (I’m not at home at the moment), yes the seat tube is 22mm. The wheel is 36 spoke, cheap steel rim. It’s well worth the cost just to keep as a spare unicycle (or a workshop unicycle), but it won’t stand up to a lot of abuse (so if you’re into trials, forget it).

cant find a pump to fit the valve, any suggestions? thanks

Most valves are Schrader (car type) or Presto (smaller with a little screwy inny inner thingy). There’s a third type called a Woods which isn’t seen much.

Do the pictures and descriptions here help?