Cheap Trials Uni

With the summit trials unis almost gone in, a cheaper alternative to the KH20 is needed.

Actually the only reason i got a summit over the KH was because, well, i’m not made of money. Anyway, i think that in the future when people want to get a decent trials uni for cheap, I think i found a good alternative.

The United 20-inch Off-Road

This unicycle is under the “rough terrain” section of the catalogue. I think that this uni would make a pretty decent trials uni. Lighter, miyata style saddle, cheaper. Pretty good points. Has a tire that looks like a trials tire to begin with. You might have to buy some better pedals, and i doubt that it will hold up to a TON of abuse, but it may be something to think about.

rim looks cheep

the rim looks a little thin and cheep ok for mild muni/trials but will not last when you start doing drops and stuff…go on then some one prove me wrong

I think there’s a reason why that wheel is rated to 8 inch drops. The hub would probably hold up to some beating but eventually you’d have to buy a splined hub and cranks…and the rim doesn’t look that great…but still $124 isn’t that bad.

but how much fun

but how much fun would it be to thrash it on 4-5fts and mangle the hub. or cranks by crank grabing then doing a universe uni beat with something more distructive chainsaw comes to mind…
may keep the saddle as a replacement or just use it as they are good.

Yeah… when i was saying cheap a meant CHEAP

Almost the same as my brandless uni. It came with an United saddle, which I now have upgraded to a KH. I think the wheelset won’t take too much abuse. My wheel has started creaking and the cranks are bent a little bit even though I haven’t put too much abuse on it. Just hopping some stairs, one step at a time. The hub will probably be trashed with a few 2 feet+ drops. The Yuni/Nimbus hubs (mine is 48 hole with 24" tire) are pretty much the same. I’ve done some 2’4" drops on my Nimbus at most and the hub or cranks are just a bit bent too. So I try to take it a bit easier for a while. I wish to keep the wheel for later use with the Hookworm tire after I get my Qu-Ax hub.

i have a nimbus but it came as a “mission trials” uni and i have done 4ft’s and no bends yet

unicycle dot com (certainly in the uk) have just brought out a new square taper hub made from cromoly which is apparently 20% i think stronger than the suzue. the suzue can stand up to some abuse so this hub should be great for the price. its only £28 i think, what a bargain. with some fairly decent cranks it should be ok.

as soon as it gets built into a ready built trials uni that should be ace and not too expensive, at least not any more expensive than the suzue unis.


I’m not to sure about that uni, I got a 24 inch off-road uni from united as my first “hard core” uni, but it lasted 2 days! I did one 5 foot drop and the hub cranks and pedals all broke. Maybe it was just because it tha 24 inch model. Who knows… maybe the 20 inch is better, but all I have to say is beware

i think that uni is

bad really bad but i also think that has a better range of munis may have more but they are like that crappy thing i was going to get one imported for free my dad’s friend was getting a car and i was going to get it sent to that company and they would put the uni in the boot or on the back seat. but i hated what i could get for £170 so i am getting it in the uk