Cheap trials set up

I am super low on cash and I need somthing to ride. I’m down to just a bc wheel. I tocoed the rim and killed the hub as well as the cranks on my modified Torker LX uni. I’m looking at the nimbus trials uni or the bedford light trials but what the hell is light trials what will it take. I want to be able to do atleast 5’ drops. Please I need help.

light trials don’t have a splined hub. get the 05" torker dx. You can get one cheaper then the none splined nimbus. If I remember right they are like $175 and have a splined hub and crank set

i had the bedford light uni, its good, i did some drop off picnic tables and it was still fine… but now i have upgraded it…

get the newer DX of ebay. there like $200. if you break the frame they’ll replace it.


i ordered my dx from price-thumper the other day for 214.99 and 29.99 shipping. He is sold out of the 20" now but bicycle source has some for like 5 to 10 dollers more

Ok I found a 2005 dx for $189 with free shipping WOOT. But is it worth spending a little extra for the 2006 model. I only weigh about 100 pounds. And there is this 5 foot loafing dock near by thats driving me crazy.

the 06 has a better tire and rim. that is all i think it has.

Edit:i think the rim maybe stonger to

i don’t know if it is

… i have launched about 5’ past a 4 stair and landed parallel to the stairs
not a thing happened to the rim

oops i messede up my edit. I know the rim is wider and the tire is wider and they are also stronger i think. the edit was supose to be the frame not the rim

The jerk won’t ship to canada :angry: Does anyone know a place that sells '05 DX’s?

to to google images and type in torker dx and 2 pages of dxs will pop up and most of them are 05 just click on them and check them out

the dx on ebay might ship to canada

Bedford ships to Canada :roll_eyes: . And you don’t have to pay brokrage fees. But the don’t sell the Torkers. They sell nicer unis :).

man… ppl think that poo is white…

:angry: :angry: :angry: I can’t get a cheap uni! HOw much stronger is the nimbus trials uni that an lx?

more but not a whole lot.

Oh. Crap. Good thing I didn’t buy it:D Is there a north american dealer for qu-ax. Those are pretty good by the sounds of it.

Look at Darren Bedford is an awesome guy. He can do custom stuff. He’ll build exactly what you’re looking for if he doesn’t have it listed.

Email him or call him.

At the bottom of this page:

You can buy a new '05 Torker DX. These are just as strong as the new ones, just without the red on the frame/seat.

It will withstand a LOT, and at $189.99 + FREE shipping, it’s a steal.