Cheap trials parts. MUST GO

yeah, really need some quick money so:

White nimbus II frame 19", 42mm machined bearing housings: £10
Blue nimbus roundcrown trials frame: £10
KH 125mm moment cranks: £25
Nimbus trials rim: £10
Orange K1 reinforced rim: £20
Gold Try all rim: £15
Koxx reinforced ISIS hub: £25
36 171mm spoked, silver: £5

Diamondback Joker BMX (needs some work doing to it): £30
PSP slim and lite with 8GB memory card: £60

what would shipping on the orange k1 rim to the US be? i’m in virginia, area code 23150

Thought i’d let you know ASAP, the orange rim is already spoken for, i think. :frowning: