Cheap trial parts (seatpost, seat (parts), koxx cranks, gusset pedals)

Basically i’m moving out of the country and don’t have the space to keep these spares around. Most have been used quite harshly, but I will sell cheap :wink:

If you combine stuff I’ll give you a discount. Postage will be what it costs me so expect £1-3 depending on what you get. If you want international shipping then you work it out estimating the weight and tell me :wink:

Koxx 140mm (reinforced & nearly ISIS) cranks - very slight bend on the left one. Perfeect for trials or even to try out different crank length on a muni. They fit on my 07 KH moment hub and K1 reinforced hub. - £8 -,

Gusset Magnesium bear traps - Can’t remember what they are exactly, worn but still spinning fine. 234g per pedal - £5 -

Enough to make a seat. Ripped Koxx devil foam (wouldnt recommend using), KH street fusion gel foam (slightly ripped but perfect if you want to thin it), Old style KH saddle with intact reinforcement plate, and slightly ripped in the corner KH fusion street cover. (notice you’ll be missing one hexx screw at the back and both bumpers) - £5 -

CRMO seatpost 27.2 - cut badly (by Dan, not me). Hardly ridden. - £5 -

Koxx Black Seatpost clamp (fully functionall, just scratched a little) - £1 -

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If you want more photos just ask. I can give you better res ones

Dibs on saddle shizz, and seatpost.

Maybe even cranks… although i have no idea why i want them :stuck_out_tongue:

How much is postage?

Go on, grab the cranks :wink:

P.M sent

How much would it cost for you to send the seat-post clamp to Australia???

According to the royal mail, £1.82.

Are you really sure you want to do that with the exchange rate and all surely it’s cheaper to buy a nice shiny one in australia?

p.s. the clamp spoke to me and he really wants a holiday to australia…

Still have the seatpost clamp and the pedals if anyone wants them!

ill take the pedals and seat post clamp please how much is postage? :astonished:

I’m not sure I still have the pedals/clamp. I can tell you next week (i’m in malta ATM).

Postage should be fairly cheap. As a normal second class it would either be 2.61 or 3.15 depending on wether I can make the parcel less than 750g or not!

cool ill still have them both please